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I am a versatile journalist, editor and copywriter with more than 20 years’ experience in sectors such as sustainability, food and agriculture, FMCG, retail, culture, business, financial services, travel, energy and transport. Current specialisms include food waste, agriculture, beer, energy, the environment and sustainability.

Food and agtech investors want to change the world

Impact investing - funding companies or organizations that can make a real difference to society - is creating a buzz in equity circles, but is it all that different from traditional venture capital? Three food and agtech investors explain.
Alternative Proteins - From Lab to Plate

Feeding an ever-growing population means taking a radically different approach to producing protein. But are the alternatives easy to swallow? "There are few challenges larger and more global than the sustainability of the way we eat. Meat production today uses one third of the earth's fresh water and land surface and generates nearly one fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions.
How Denmark became a food waste success story

Since setting up pressure group Stop Spild Af Mad (Stop Wasting Food) in 2008, Selina Juul has become a go-to spokesperson on the issue for governments, industry and NGOs alike. Here she shares the secrets of her success. A version of this article was previously posted on on March 23, 2018.
Food waste at UK retailers towards near-zero levels

As public concern about food waste grows, UK retailers like Tesco and Ocado are united in their commitment to eliminating food waste from their operations. They are working together to identify root causes and tackle them across the industry. This spring online UK grocer Ocado reported 'near-zero' levels of food waste in its operations.

Ernest Journal
In a glass, darkly

Feature on the myths and legends surrounding porter

Zero Waste Europe
Legislation: a clear solution to plastic pollution

Cuckmere Haven in East Sussex includes one of England's most iconic views: a series of undulating, sheer chalk cliffs that butt up against the English Channel from the rolling South Downs. The Seven Sisters rise magnificently from the sea like a school of surfacing baleen whales, but I don't notice them today.

Caught by the River

The Edible City: A Year of Wild Food by John Rensten (Pan Macmillan, hardback, 293 pages. Out now.) Review by Ben McCormick Many years ago when I was first going out with my now ex-wife, she served me a salad that had flowers in it.

Pint by the River - Harvey's Old Ale 4.3%

Last year, Jeff, Andrew and myself sat out on the back stoop of the Dove doing our usual thing - drinking a few pints of foaming nut brown ale while concocting plans of what we could or should attempt next. We've always liked talking about beer.