Megan C. Bowman

Marketing Manager

Location icon United States

Marketing Content, Communications, Branding and Public Relations professional with 14+ years of experience looking to help organizations succeed in communicating their brands. I have extensive experience managing and implementing all facets of Marketing, PR, content, social media and communications strategies and a passion for the field.


Content and Design Samples

Sales Collateral
Corporate Profile 2018

Momentum, Inc. Corporate Profile, updated with 2018 branding.

Sales Collateral
Data Management

Sales collateral showcasing company's Electronic Data Interchange and Data Management capabilities.

Sales Collateral
PA 511 Capabilities

Showcasing Momentum's PA 511 capabilities for upcoming request for proposal.

Content Only Sample

Home - Momentum

Gain Momentum... Produce Results! In a globally competitive modern world, businesses need to maintain forward-thinking approaches. For many, that means consistently developing and implementing strategies for improvement. But how can a business maintain such continuous improvement while still running customer-focused operations? That's where Momentum, Inc. can help. We ...

Design Samples

Momentum Brand
Logo for 20th Anniversary

Design for logo to be used for sales material during company's 20th anniversary.

Website Design
CAIU Website Design

Designed new website for Momentum client: Capital Area Intermediate Unit.

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