Meredith B. Overstreet

Communications and Design Specialist

Location icon United States

I'm a creative spirit who has worked in the healthcare industry for ten years, writing internal and external publications, leading projects both large and small in scale, and designing various programs and educational materials. I have a background in psychology and enjoy crafting messages that appeal to a specific audience. I believe that you can reach anyone if you understand their perspective. Perspective shapes the narrative and an impactful narrative shows that you took the time to research and understand the audience. Applying knowledge of human thought and behavior is also a huge piece of the puzzle.

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American Association for Talent Development
Case Study: The 3C Formula for Successful Training R.O.I.

Presentation at the 2017 ATD International Conference, detailing the success of an improvement project, customizing an in-depth, hands-on training program for call center employees

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