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Meghan Betts

Freelance Writer and Blogger

Location icon United Kingdom

Travel. Animals and Wildlife. Nature. Health and Medicine. Feminism. Science.

I write about what I'm passionate about and am always looking for new topics!

If you think you have a project that I may be interested in, contact me on:
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Bizarre Culture
Can animal interactions and wildlife conservation ever be compatible?

Recent controversies including the death of Harambe the gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo in May last year have caused an outpour of anger towards zoos, wildlife parks, ranches etc (henceforth referred to collectively as 'zoos') where 'wild' animals are kept behind bars.

Bizarre Culture
Why do we deny rape culture?

Ask anyone whether rape is wrong and you will almost always receive the answer of 'yes, of course'. Why is it then that when cases of rape or sexual assault come to light, often via the media, questioning the innocence of the victim and reasoning on behalf of the assaulter is so common?

Bizarre Culture
The Museum Of Broken Relationships

Heartbreak. We've all been there; one minute you're deliriously happy with not a care in the world and the next, everything comes crashing down around you. Traditionally, attempts to get over failed relationships focus on positive thinking and 'inspirational' self-help quotes on the road to recovery.

Bizarre Culture
Why you'll fall in love with sLOVEnia

When you are looking for a romantic getaway in Europe, the destinations usually considered are Paris, Venice, Rome... But there's a new player in the field - Slovenia. Nestled between Austria and Croatia, Slovenia is a country with a lot to offer. The capital, Ljubljana, is a small city with an amazing atmosphere.

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