Max Silver

Artist, Writer, Creator

United States

Max Silver (he/they) is a Bay Area artist, writer, and multi-faceted creator with an education background in Art at University California Santa Cruz.

He is currently working on an independent sci-fi series titled "Adventures In Calthumbria," which involves world-building, illustrating, animating, and producing a podcast series to be made into a tv show and interactive video game. This project involves working with voice actors and musicians in group recording sessions, writing screenplays for each 20-30 minute episode, working with animators, painting digital watercolor illustrations, social media marketing, managing subscriber emails, and working towards NFTs.

As a freelancer, Max writes journalism for Broke Ass Stuart, a news-distributor in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as Los Angeles and New York. He also has professional experience writing fiction for a remote contractor: Max wrote for a crime fiction website called The company hired multiple writers for different episodes linked together. This entails closely following the contractor's instructions for what they wanted to occur in the episode, filling in the blanks with fun and original content, and copying the written style of the preceding episode to keep a consistent flow and format throughout the series.

The Home Burglar

Crime fiction narrative about a Bulgarian burglar named Sergei Radkov.

Down the Barrel

Fictional crime narrative about an unlucky bank-robber.