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Newly discovered John Steinbeck story now on newsstands

John Steinbeck, the author of such classics as "the Grapes of Wrath" and "Of Mice and Men" was born to a middle class family in a beautiful, turreted Victorian on Central Avenue in Salinas, California. Guides lead tours around the house, describing the period decor and sharing stories.

High-Speed Rail Is Definitely Green

Opponents of high-speed rail contend that it's a boondoggle because of its $68 billion pricetag. But a recent UC Berkeley study provides evidence that a California bullet train might be a good investment, particularly when it comes to reducing greenhouse gases and fighting climate change.

In-Home Supportive Services Workers Want Cuts To Program Restored

In-Home Supportive Services workers chanted and waved signs calling for the restoration of the seven percent cut in hours they took during the recession. Kristina Bas-Hamilton with United Domestic Workers says there's no reason the state couldn't restore those hours. "That stems from the 2009 recession era fiscal crisis and we think that we're past that point now," says Bas-Hamilton.

Vallejo hopes to plug into the electric car market

If you're a former Navy town that's been navigating rough economic seas since your base closed 20 years ago, a high-tech electric car assembly plant may just be the thing you're looking for to turn your fortunes around. At least that's what many Vallejo officials and residents are hoping a proposed Faraday Future electric car plant can be for them.

Airbnb comes out of the shadows | NRS-Import | DW.DE | 06.11.2014

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee says the new ordinance will bring the "sharing economy" out of the shadows, whilst helping the city generate tax revenue. "This is the first effort in the history of this space-sharing movement that we've been able to regulate," said Lee.

Governor Jerry Brown Praises Outgoing Legislative Leaders

Speaking from the Assembly floor, Brown complimented former Speaker John Pérez for his leadership skills. He also joked about what he called Pérez's "mushroom" theory of government. "A lot of people want to be transparent, they want to know everything, but I'll tell you, your way of keeping everybody in the dark was a real winner," Brown said.

California Lawmakers Wade Through Dozens Of Bills

California lawmakers plowed through dozens of bills Friday as they head into the final week of the session. One of the bills would encourage police to check the federal firearm registry before conducting a "welfare check" on someone the family thinks may be dangerous. That one's now headed to the Governor.

California Bill Would Extend Medi-Cal To Undocumented Immigrants

The California Senate Health Committee approved a bill Wednesday that would make undocumented immigrants eligible for Medi-Cal benefits. Backers of the bill say it would prevent millions of people from having to forego needed medical care because they can't afford it.

Gold Dust Lounge | KALW

KALW is local public radio from the San Francisco Bay Area. BBC, NPR, and innovative local programming including Crosscurrents and Your Call.

California Drought Task Force Says Recent Storms Not Enough

The California Drought Task Force says it would have to rain almost non-stop for the next couple of months to bring an end to the drought. Richard Stapler with the California Natural Resources Agency says the recent stormy weather just wasn't enough. "It has barely made a dent in what California requires for any given year," says Stapler.

Car-crazy California to be biggest backers of green cars in the US

International report -14/10/2013 : California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a package of bills into law to make California the leading promoter of clean-energy-powered vehicles in America. It could make a difference, as California, with its estimated 840 vehicles per 1000 people, is a leading contributor to greenhouse gases.

School District Banks on the Sun

As schools across California have faced deep budget cuts over the past few years, one East Bay school district has been banking on an innovative plan to raise money for essential education programs while helping fight climate change at the same time. The plan by Mount Diablo Unified School District in Contra Costa County is also groundbreaking.

Google drives home dividing line in San Francisco | Americas | DW.DE | 17.01.2014

Tech companies like Google, Apple and Facebook offer their San Francisco-based employees free transportation on private commuter buses to jobs in Silicon Valley, some 45 minutes south of the city. The employees catch rides on the luxurious, Wifi-equipped coaches, which make thousands of stops each day at local city bus stops around town.

Amazon vs. Google: the battle for supremacy | Business | DW.DE | 12.09.2014

Amazon's recent purchase of the video game streaming site Twitch for $970 million came as quite a surprise to the business community given that Google-owned YouTube was reportedly in talks to acquire Twitch for roughly the same amount. Gamers can use Twitch to film themselves playing video games and stream those competitions to millions of worldwide viewers.

Sacramento Congressional Race Gets National Attention, and Money | KQED

One of the tightest races in the state this election season is in the suburbs of Sacramento... and California's 7th congressional district. There, a freshman Democratic congressman is battling for his political life. It's one of only a handful of districts in the country with an almost even split between registered Democrats and Republicans.

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