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Max Pearl

Reporter, critic, and essayist in New York

Location icon United States

I cover music, art, culture, and politics, with an emphasis on current events in Latin America. Soy bilingüe.

Resident Advisor
The Thing: It came from the basement

This legendary New York thrift store is a record digger's heaven or hell, depending when you show up and how much time you have. Max Pearl descends into The Thing.

Latino USA
Dancing through the drug war

Ciudad Juárez was once considered the most dangerous city in the world. It also is home to one of the best electronic music clubs in the world.

The New Inquiry
I woke up like this

"When we don't know how to waste time anymore, it may mean that work as already won." 3,000 words on morning health raves and the regime of productivity for The New Inquiry.

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