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The Story of K-Smash 2.0! South Jersey's Biggest Smash Bros. Melee & PM Tournament

South Jersey has been a desolate region for Smash activity. Aside from the local tournaments at Salty Joystiq and Scoot to Scooter Dave's, there has always been a thirst for larger tournaments with better payouts. And that thirst isn't being quenched by an established organization or company, but by a group of students who formed...

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SmashG0D: Past, Present, and Future of a Rising Marth Player

This year's top 100 Melee It On Me Ranking is best defined through the rising talent shaking up the Melee establishment. Several players made their debut into the list with spectacular growth and results. Rishi " with wins over Hugo " SmashG0D" Malhotra is one of those rising players.

The Americans: Kristy Beam - This is Valencia

In her early 40s, Kristy Beam decided to sell her house,two cars, and anything else to move to Valencia, Spain, with her youngest daughter. The divorced assistant principal needed a change and became an expatriate. Now she lives in a little apartment in Valencia with no car.

The Hidden Battle of Identity and Language in Spain - This is Valencia

I expected Valencia to be a city of history, art, or food. When I arrived, I was surprised to hear the stark contrasts in the regional languages spoken by the people here. No online tour guide mentioned this in my anxious google searches in preparation for Spain.

A Deeper Look Into Why Rowan University Students Vote Less

Dr. Carl Hausman, 62, cited a Bernard Shaw quote about democracy: "Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve." And Shaw's quote drives home the idea that people get what they put into politics.
6 Memorable Base Races in League of Legends History

Team MRN vs. Cloud 9 Season 3 North American LCS Spring Qualifier (Group Stage) In the early days of Cloud 9, before they dominated the season 3 summer LCS, before they dethroned Team SoloMid as kings of North America, their fiercest opponent was Team MRN.

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The Sad Era of Falco Lombardi in Melee

Falco is going through a rough patch. Despite Falco's high placement in the tier list, his tournament performance has weakened these past two years. In the absence of Kevin "PPMD" Nanney and his preference for Marth lately, there are only two players carrying the burden of the bird: Joseph "Mang0" Marquez and Weston "Westballz" Dennis.

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