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Maura Monaghan


My name is Maura Monaghan, and I'm a senior at Boston College studying Political Science and English. I've just returned from spending the fall 2018 semester at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland's capital city, where I covered news and culture for The Student, a newspaper on campus. This past summer, I covered local area news and politics at the Rockland County Times, a daily digital and weekly print paper in southern New York State. I also wrote about arts and culture in and around New York City for Musée Magazine. I spent the spring of 2018 interning at Woman and Home magazine in London, where I covered lifestyle and health and wellness stories. At Boston College, I write for the metro section of The Heights, our independent student newspaper, and cover news and events both on campus and in Greater Boston.

Musée Magazine
Book Review: Hanoi Streets 1985-2015 by William E. Crawford

By Maura Monaghan When photographer William Crawford first arrived in Hanoi in August 1985, it was a city on the brink of transformation. Left isolated and decrepit by years of Communist policy, Hanoi was proof that economic strategies in North Vietnam desperately needed updating. The modernizin

The Student
Borderlands: Irish Border Symposium

"One of the things about borderlands," remarks author Donald Smith as he takes the stage, "is that they are culturally rich." Smith, who is the Director of this year's Scottish International Storyt...

Musée Magazine
Exhibition Review: Delta Hill Riders

By Maura Monaghan In one wood-paneled Chelsea pub at the foot of the High Line, the arts are still thriving through bimonthly photojournalism displays and literary readings. The Half King on 23rd street is a bastion of creative thought, hosting artistic events with a conversational tone and

Woman Magazine
Iceland is selling a dupe of Meghan and Harry's wedding cake for 8 pounds

With the 19th of May quickly approaching, preparations for the royal wedding are in full swing. And if you're like us, then you're dying to see how everything is going to come together on Meghan and Harry's special day. While the royal family will be gathered at St.

The Rockland County Times
Preview: We Fight Like a Girl

BY MAURA MONAGHAN Carla Curran was only 22-years-old when she had a lumpectomy that would be the first in a long series of doctor's appointments, mammograms and ultrasounds to prevent breast cancer. After her mother's triumphant battle with the disease, Carla knew she may have to face it herself one day, but she never thought...

The Student
Has modern technology changed the way we read?

Whatever your reasons may be - convenience, saving money, one-upping your friends in an egomaniacal battle to save the earth - chances are you have gone digital. And while you can still buy whole novels for download, and read pieces of long-form journalism online, this time of nonstop technological development is changing the way we read.

Musée Magazine
Photography for Flyers

An increasing amount of airports are choosing to combat the stress of flying with art installations and galleries for passengers. Photography exhibits in particular have sprung up as a popular way to 'see' a region, and San Francisco International Airport is taking the lead in providing such opportu

Revealed: where Kirstie Allsopp buys her figure flattering dresses

Kirstie Allsopp has revealed where she gets her fabulous on-camera outfits. The colourful dresses we see on screen are a fixture for Kirstie, who has been TV's go-to property guru since Location, Location, Location aired on Channel 4 in 2000.

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