Matt Roebuck

Freelance Sports Writer, Editor, Founder of The Other Olympics

United Kingdom

My particular writing interests are on issues of identity within sport and participation in minority sports or specialist events.

Former sports development professional (Sport England, Birmingham City Council etc.) turned journalist and sport editor (The Myanmar Times).

Specialising in sport, familiar with covering live events, post-match reporting, news, features and delivering special publications.



The Myanmar Times
Kid fight Brave Elephant and Champion: lethwei's youngest stars

Sleeves rolled up, I am preparing to meet an attack from a professional lethwei star, one already familiar with the raucous crowds of Myanmar's brutal bare-knuckle, head-butting combat sport, all of whom are cheering his fight name Thura Sin, "Brave Elephant". He is five years old.

The Myanmar Times
Aung La Nsang's training diary

The third in an eight-part instalment of 'diary' pieces written with the protagonist Aung La Nsang; a Myanmar-born MMA, arguably the biggest individual sports-star of the nation, ahead of his first return to the country in 13 years for a comeback fight. Designed to introduce the human side of the martial artist.

The Myanmar Times
Returning ONE champions led from the top

The comeback fight is a cliché as old as they come - but it's a story that ONE Championship mixed martial arts has given new life. Fighters and officials are returning to Southeast Asia to showcase their sport and spectacle.

The Myanmar Times
Paung Laung disagreement

Football's land grab. For Ohn Lwin and other former footballers of Pyinmana the name "People's Paung Laung Stadium" reeks of bitter irony.

Myanmar's Golden Age

Between 1965 and 1973 they won every Southeast Asian football championship, were one of the region's most successful sides and brought pride and joy to their adoring Burmese fans. Three of the surviving players speak of that 'Golden Age' speak of that time and how it might return.

The Myanmar Times
It's a Myanmar thaing

Myanmar's martial arts or thaing are as varied and diverse as its cultures and peoples. "Every state has their own form of thaing," Aung Htay, lethwei master and principal of the Myanmar Thaing School told The Myanmar Times.

The Myanmar Times
Home is where Hantharwady will be

Nearly six years late, Hantharwady United will become the sixth current Ooredoo Myanmar National League 1 club to move out of the Myanmar Football Federation's spare bedroom and find a home of their own.

The Myanmar Times
Friendship before fights

WHY MYANMAR'S TOP LETHWEI STARS REFUSE TO FIGHT Since lethwei turned professional in 2015, fighters have been able to dedicate their lives to their art. With that level of dedication, contemporary followers of Myanmar's traditional boxing form have been blessed to witness some of the quickest, strongest and toughest athletes to ever enter the ring.

Live Blogs

The Myanmar Times Online (
Myanmar Times

A live blog spanning over a week from on location in Singapore. Includes results, commentary and articles from across the Games focusing on the performance of Myanmar's competitors

The Myanmar Times Online (
Myanmar 2015 Election Live

A live blog, ran and edited by me, collating reports from dozens of reporters in the field for the historic 2015 elections. The blog ran live for a week from election day until the results were in. The live feed was quoted by international news services around the globe.


The Myanmar Times Special Liftout
One Championship: Union of Warriors

A liftout publication I designed, written and edited as well as identifying advertisers. This was also translated into the Myanmar language and handed out at the One Championship event as part of a media partnership I instigated and delivered.