Matthew Newnham

Published Author and Freelance Writer

United Kingdom

A multi-skilled copywriter and content creator with excellent all-round writing and creative expertise. Published Children’s Author.
Able to identify and then deal with a client’s needs and translate them into crisp, compelling, creative, informative, and even innovative copy and narrative. Experienced in providing guidance to clients to help produce outstanding copy for products, services, news story and brand. Superb interpersonal skills, a clear communicator, emotionally mature; calming and positive temperament with an understanding disposition. Extremely creative

HR and Payroll: Going Paperless

With ongoing technological developments and the growing awareness of all things 'green', going paperless truly is the ideal state for many business offices today. However, a perception exists that HR and payroll departments cannot become paperless. This simply isn't true. Nowadays, HR and payroll functions are rapidly moving into the electronic age.

Choosing the ideal plastic bottle suppliers in Africa

Plastic bottles and plastic containers in general are used for just about everything. When you or your company is looking for plastic bottles how do you choose the best plastic bottle suppliers for your needs? Standard or Bespoke Plastic Bottles There are many questions you need to ask before you can decide on the ideal plastic bottle supplier. The first question many people will ask is whether or not a standard bottle will be sufficient. Standard plastic bottles are straightforward to...

Ups, Downs and cold coffee: time and the entrepreneur

A Blog by Matt Newnham An entrepreneur is something many people aspire to. Stuck in a dead-end job that pays your bills and seems to cost you more in transport to and from your workplace than you earn with ideas about starting one's own business, appear in the mind.

HRSimplified | Blog | Payroll Headache

The greatest asset to any small business in South Africa is the people that work within it. Even with only 10 employees managing the HR and especially the payroll with all its rules, regulations and taxes is a big headache for any small business.

Norris Steam Services (London) Ltd
Goliath 7Kg Dry Tailoring Iron - Norris Steam Services (London) Ltd

Skip to navigation Skip to content Home Industrial Steam Irons Tailoring Irons Goliath 7Kg Dry Tailoring Iron Industrial Steam Irons, Tailoring Irons Price Match Guarantee We are confident that our prices are the lowest you will find. Fast Shipping Our next shipments are despatched in 00 hrs 4 mins 6 secs .

Fast Food Delivery Startups Thrive in the New Normal

2020 saw the arrival of what many call the "New Normal" concerning daily life and how we work. With the COVID19 Pandemic changing so much, existing businesses had to adapt and startups founded to address the new normal. One such sector that had to adjust and that entrepreneurs have taken advantage of is food delivery.

Las Paletas
Home - Las Paletas

Las Paletas started in 2012 by Colombian born, Diana Chavarro when she moved to Cape Town and decided to bring her favourite childhood treat to South Africa. All our products are handmade in small batches, using top quality ingredients and are free from flavourants, colourants, stabilisers, preservatives and gluten.

Tours Africa
Uniquely Different Cape Town Hotels

When travelling on business or pleasure, Cape Town has a wide variety of exceptional hotels that range from small family run guest houses to large international chains. Read about 4 hotels with a difference in our blog post: Uniquely Different Cape Town Hotels.

What are the Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Material Choices?

Your kitchen is the hear of your home and when you install a new kitchen you want the best. Gary Fullwood Designed Living are the leading kitchen designers in Watford and surrounds. When it comes to cupboards and cabinets, we know you have a choice.

Quintessential Coffee
Be Like a Leopard. Think Like a Tiger

Nature teaches us many things. The lessons from nature can help us in many aspects of life, both personal and business. I heard a wonderful phrase this week. "A Leopard doesn't change its spots, but it can learn to think like a tiger." This really made me smile and got me thinking.

Absolute Magazine
My Fab Life

Editorial Article for Top UK Lifestyle Magazine

In the middle of a food festival

This summer has been one of the best summers for food lovers across the UK. The Great British Food Festival really took the bull by the horns and brought food from all over the country to people all over the country.

Truth To Making Money Online - Risky Business?

The Getting Rich Myth Many people will say that making money online is a fool's game and that actually getting rich is a myth. Neither of these is true but for sure there are some real sharks out there. There are a couple of things about making money or running a business online that must be understood.

These Two Simple Words Will Change Your World - Mindset2Millions

Guest post by: Matt Newnham. The cornerstones of making money, attracting more money, attracting the life you want and really bringing about external and internal happiness and overall contentment are two things that so many overlook.

Who Is Matt Newnham and Why the Golden Rule?

Matt Newnham lives in Cape Town, South Africa and that is a very long way from where he grew up, in fact where he is and what he is doing now is as good as being on a different planet, speaking a dialect that people of Earth do not understand and doing things that only perhaps a Martian would consider normal.

Becoming Action Person

There are so many people who let others lead because they lack the courage to stand up. Being lead in a direction that they are not happy with or being lead without asking why or if something can be changed, not even being lead maybe just following like a lost sheep.

Transmacro Amenities
There is a bit of magic at this time of year - Transmacro Amenities

There is a bit of magic at this time of year. Christmas is in the air and shouts of "happy Hanukkah" can be heard across the city. It's special and as Bon Jovi sang "I wish every day could be like Christmas" It's not a lot to ask for; people being cheerful, happy and putting worries behind them.

The most beautiful beach run in the world

Season of beautiful beach runs kicks off on Cape West Coast CleanC the NPO behind the Cape Town Beach Clean Up held its first Beautiful Beach Run on Sunday 28th September at Silwerstroomstrand, 40km North of Cape Town on the West Coast.

Cape Town, South Africa from a Local's Perspective

Cape Town is a city that is on nearly every bucket list of people all over the world. When people say they are going to Cape Town, they say it with excitement, making those who have not been but want to go jealous, while those who have been give them a list of things they must do that is so long that there is no way everything can be taken in and fully experienced.

Live Well...Be Fabulous
Motivational Quotes Monday... Power of Passion and Attitude

Guest Post by Motivational Speaker Matt Newnham No, I am not some sadomasochistic nutcase but I do know that when it comes to success pain is close to being a pleasure. It sounds crazy but doing what you love most, doing it with all the passion you have, in the right frame of mind and with the "I can" attitude pain becomes your partner.