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Matthew McFarlane

Writer and Editor

Location icon United States

Reader, writer, content provider.

Experience writing articles, SEO blogs, books, scripts, social posts, and just about anything else your content-hungry heart desires.

The majority of my work has been ghostwritten, so articles or columns that are not under my byline have been linked to with permission. Otherwise, the anonymity of the clients has been preserved.

For book excerpts, please contact me directly at [email protected]



Sample Client Work

3 Clear Signs That You're Ready For A Managerial Role

People are often promoted into managerial positions because they're extremely good at the technical jobs they initially held. It's a natural progression - you're good at doing a specific job, so you'll probably be good at managing other people who do it. But technical competence isn't perfectly correlated with managerial competence.

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Advice for Entrepreneurs: How To Find A Mentor Worth Listening To

Advice for Entrepreneurs: How To Find A Mentor Worth Listening To I was fortunate enough to have a number of great mentors who helped guide me and set me on the path to success when I was starting out in my career. One of them, in particular, stands out because our relationship highlights ...

Personal Writing

Stop Using Grammarly

In A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the machines on the spaceship Heart of Gold are programmed with Genuine People Personalities. These personalities run the gamut from the deeply depressed-Marvin the Paranoid Android-to the manically chipper-the ship's central computer.

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How to avoid the worst mistakes startups make, according to 3 founders who've been there

Startups have become all the rage in business, with seemingly every new business labeling itself one. While there are many successes stemming from the startup mentality, there are also many failures. To succeed, these founders hired people who knew how to do what they couldn't, ensured that there was a market for their product, and were candid with potential partners.

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