Matthew Kirshenblatt

Creative and Non-Fiction Writer


I am a writer and blogger of science-fiction, epic fantasy, horror, mythology and poetry, as well as a non-fiction writer of comics scholarship, horror, and geek cultural opinion pieces. I have also written, and done editing, for games narratives, design, and criticism.

References and more samples available upon request.

Curriculum Vitae

Goal: To obtain part-time work as a writer in the media of fiction and non-fiction, horror, comics scholarship, and games.

Blogs and Journal Submissions

Mythic Bios
Mythic Bios

My Writer's Blog where I review comics, superhero stories, write weird stories, and explore the creative and life processes of being a freelance writer.

Sequart Organization
Matthew Kirshenblatt on Sequart

Matthew Kirshenblatt is a graduate from York University, Toronto, Ontario, and is a writer and blogger living in the city of Thornhill. He is a comics and mythology fanatic; having written his Master's thesis, "The Spirit of Herodotus in Gaiman and Moore: Narrative Spaces and their Relationships in Mythic World-Building," he also contributes science-fiction, horror, and revisionist short stories to Gil Williamson's online Mythaxis Magazine.

The Horror Doctor
The Horror Doctor

A space planned for rewriting some obscure horror films as stories. Sometimes, I review them as well, or think about what works and what doesn't, or what I would instead with the material given. Updated whenever a terrible epiphany strikes.

Online Fiction Publications

To Serve

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being. -Carl Jung We find her in the Gutters. It's like a bad corporate dystopian film noir: the kind they used to scare us with right in the childhood.

Oh Dreary Me

A tribute to "The Wasp in the Wig", the "lost chapter" of Lewis Carrol's "Alice Through the Looking Glass" It pondered the riddle of itself: the insect trapped in its windowpane. If anyone had paid attention, they might have heard an intermittent buzzing sound and the muted thud of a soft insect body colliding helplessly against its prison of glass.

Stop 17

A Desire Named Streetcar? I'm waiting at the bus stop again, though I know I'm not going anywhere. It's past midnight, and I am standing outside in Thornhill. The pale morning sky is just a memory as the dark blue night and its streetlamps turn the crinkled autumn leaves and road into a light incandescent purple.

From An Evening at the Cinema

Ahhh... the sparkling silver screen. They watched the faded white and grey screen as Count Orlock staggered across the room. Having drunken Mina's blood, he was helpless as the white unforgiving light opened from the black cloth drapes and spread over his awkward and elongated body. As it touched him, he vanished.


Mythic Bios

A list of every interactive Twine game I've ever created. Twine is free software allowing one to create Choose Your Own Adventure hyperlink narratives. Some of these are linear, others have choices. Just point and click.

Anklebiters - Pixies VS Gremlins

I not only edited the rule book, and writing for Pandora's Fox's Anklebiters: Pixies Vs. Gremlins card game, but I wrote an unused story and two names for two Hero Units in the game.