Mason keyser

Mason Keyser

Bilingual Content Writer I Musician I Creative

Location icon United States

Spanish and History graduate of Virginia Tech. Fluent in Spanish with a deep interest in Latin American culture. I am experienced in creating several types of content, including creative writing, B2B, and musical improvisation. I am also experienced in translating government and business documents and writing short- and long-form content and literature-based text.

I am pursuing translation and content writing opportunities in the Richmond, Virginia, area. I am also interested in remote work.

JamPlay Free Lessons and Articles
Create Your Practice Space: Musical Environment Matters

When we think about music, we think sound. But what plays the sound? The instrument. And what plays the instrument? The musician. But what plays the musician? The space. To transform a space into a place is to combine the physical with meaning, and then experience and interact with that meaning.

JamPlay Free Lessons and Articles
A Guide to Bass Amps: The Dos and Don'ts | JamPlay Blog

The greatest and most embarrassing mistakes I have made as a bassist all revolve around bass amps and cabinets. Some of these mistakes were due to good old fashioned stupidity, but most were the results of a painful ignorance concerning how bass amps actually work.

JamPlay Free Lessons and Articles
Using JamTracks to Inspire Your Practice Routine | JamPlay Blog

As most self-taught musicians know, finding quality backing tracks to practice your soloing and accompaniment on can be a major hassle. I have spent countless cumulative hours scouring Youtube looking for a backing track with the right "feel" and, if I'm lucky, in the right key.

JamPlay Free Lessons and Articles
Gear Guide: Getting the Classic Rock Sound | JamPlay Free Lessons and Articles

At some point in our lives as musicians, we've all gone down the rabbit hole when it comes to gear. It starts with learning about pickups, string gauges, pedals and then winds up spending seven hours researching speaker sizes on the verge of tearing your hair out. Listen.
5 Great Holiday Gifts for the Classic Rock Guitarist

The holidays are right around the corner and if you’re worrying about what to get for the musicians in your life then fear no more, because musicians always want something. Obviously, buying someone the guitar of their dreams will simultaneously drain your bank account and win their undying affection, but there are plenty of other options that are just as appreciated to help keep the music playing.

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