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The New York Knicks Will Be Just Fine

Recently, the sports world has been lit up by the New York Knicks' failure to secure the first overall pick in the draft and then failing to secure major free agents, most notably Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Music Journalism

Trend Prive Magazine
Writing Songs and Evolving Rock: An Interview with Middle Kids - Trend Prive Magazine

An interview with one of the unquestionably best upcoming acts in Indie Rock. Australian indie-pop rock stars, Middle Kids, really came out of nowhere earlier this year. After getting a shout-out from Elton John, they took off running. They toured the U.S twice, appeared on Conan, played at SXSW, and finally appeared at Austin City...

Trend Prive Magazine
2018 Musical Resolutions: 5 Trends Of 2017 That Need To End - Trend Prive Magazine

2017 was a huge year for music. Artists like Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, and Tyler the Creator released some of their best and most personal works; artists like SZA and Cardi B exploded onto the scene; and artists like Thundercat and Royal Blood are revitalizing genres that have fallen out of the limelight.

Trend Prive Magazine
10 Of The Best Under-The-Radar Albums of 2017 - Trend Prive Magazine

Written by Mason Cheng and Sarah Medeiros Everyone knows now that Kendrick Lamar's DAMN is another great release in the Compton rapper's legendary career, that Father John Misty dropped the most existential album of 2017 with Pure Comedy, and Thundercat released another modern jazz classic with Drunk; but what about the albums that didn't get much attention?

Trend Prive Magazine
Titus Andronicus: A Productive Cough Album Review - Organized Chaos - Trend Prive Magazine

I discovered Titus Andronicus when a friend got me The Monitor for Christmas during my sophomore year of high-school. Their distinctly punk-rock-meets-americana-folk sound definitely caught my attention. Since then, Titus Andronicus has been slowly abandoning their punk roots with the bar-band sounding Local Business and the ballad heavy The Most Lamentable Tragedy.

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USA Guitars
Boutique Brand Quality Custom Electric Bass Guitars | USA Guitars

You here a lot of talk about tone woods and resonance. But wait, the pickup is not a microphone. It is not picking up air vibrations. There is a vibrating metal line (the string) that is interrupting a magnetic field. How could the wood effect the output sound?...

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