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Masha Rademakers is a creative writer and journalist skilled in all facets of creative projects, including editing, copywriting and publishing.
With her academic background in cultural anthropology she writes amazing articles about the world around us. She is a 'newshunter' and a highly skilled interviewer with interest in her fellow creatures.

The Source
Youth for a sustainable future

Youth empowerment and sustainability are two goals that Vancouver's civic institutions often aim to improve. But how do the two interrelate? The Source talked to four motivated activists, each striving in different ways for the inclusion of Canadian indigenous and non-indigenous youth in policy making, to see how they envision youth engagement in 2018.

Achieve vertigo with virtual reality art

Slowly you make the first steps forward in a dense forest. With every move, you feel the moss like a soft carpet under your feet. You smell the freshness of the trees and feel the moisture of the plants make little drops of water on your skin.

The Source
Paradise or iIlusion? -Searching for a new life

Big cash and a lavish lifestyle don't always buy you happiness, as shown in Julia Ivanova's new documentary Limit is the Sky. The Russian-Canadian filmmaker follows six young people in their search of a new life in Fort McMurray, the North Canadian oil-city of extreme richness and ruthless weather.

The Source
A search for belonging

' To the restless, the lonely, and those forever stuck in between,' is the dedication of the new book Wherever I Find Myself, published by Caitlin Press Inc. and edited by Miriam Matejova, PhD student at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Autonomous passenger drones are not Sci-Fi anymore

No way! Heavy traffic jam in front of your door and you need to go to a meeting. You're never going to be on time. No worries, with one click on your drone service-app, a little drone picks you up and takes you in ten minutes to your destination, without any headaches and with an amazing view of the city.

Urban Sprawl Can Destroy our Natural and Social Environments

"Urban sprawl has gotten out of control and has turned into a serious and fast growing problem", according to a 2015 study, co-authored by Concordia researcher, Naghmeh Nazarnia. Montreal and Quebec City are the Canadian cities that experienced the highest rates of urban sprawl in the last 25 years, and are expected to grow even more.

10 Hotspots for Electronic Music in Vancouver |

Vancouver has an entertaining night life, whether you enjoy sipping cocktails, catching a comedy show or dancing to the latest electronic beats. Since being dubbed the "no fun city" in recent years, Vancouver has renewed its nightlife scene with new electronic venues popping up all around town.

Human-robot relationships: The rise of the sex robots

A sultry voice says 'touch me', while your hands touch her warm body. She murmurs and moans and you can fold her legs to all sides. She is a sex robot, and depending on your preferences you can buy her for thousands of dollars from Japanese, US, Korean or Chinese companies.

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