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Mary Walrath

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Mary Walrath is an award-winning journalist and communications professional. She is currently an Audience Development Editor at The Sun US at NewsCorp. She received her master's in arts journalism from the Syracuse University's Newhouse School and her interests are informed by her extensive background as a writer and content specialist across a variety of mediums, specializing in cultural and social reporting


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Keepers of Monroe's medical mysteries

Kathleen Britton Michael Hanlon If there is one thing historians in Rochester know, it's that the Flower City has more interesting ties to significant people and events than the average person would expect. Frederick Douglass, Susan B.

The NewsHouse
Emo Night hypes up Syracuse | The NewsHouse

In a crowded graffitied warehouse in downtown Syracuse, the only pop of color among the sea of black clothes was red. Red lipstick and red checkered flannels stood out in the Spark Contemporary Art Space as the groups of 20-and-30-somethings milled around in their best edgy band T-shirts, Converse and combat boots.

The Wedge Newspaper
The Lyric Theater Three Years Later

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BIODANCE celebrates 12 years in the art of humanity

BIODANCE Artistic Director Missy Pfohl Smith describes the company's upcoming 12th anniversary event as a celebration of life, of collaboration with different artists, and of the audience.

Taking Shelter: One Man's Fight Reflects the Plight of Many

[WINNER of SPJ D.C. Dateline Award for BEST NON-BREAKING COVERAGE 2016.] James Jones is a fighter: sixty-six years old, legally blind and confined to a wheelchair. The first week of October, he found himself back outside with a single pair of clothes and the few possessions he could fit on his lap. For the first time in a long time, Jones had no bed to return to that night.

Gettin' zippy

Unlike walks outside or time spent in the garden, ziplining is not an activity that comes to mind as a "spring" one. The-seven stop, 5,000-foot canopy ziplining tour at Bristol Mountain, however, not only soldiers on through both the cold and mild months but offers special seasonal discounts to those interested in taking the plunge.

A Long-Standing "Secret" Encampment is Discovered and Evicted by the City

[WINNER of SPJ D.C. Dateline Award for BEST SERIES 2016.] A Foggy Bottom tent community - referred to by some as a "secret" encampment, due to how long it had gone unnoticed - was evicted by the District on Oct.18. Such "sweeps" are organized and overseen by the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services (DMHHS) as a continuation of procedural clean up efforts that began receiving increased attention from the Bowser Administration in November 2015.

MUSIC/COMEDY | David Liebe Hart

David Liebe Hart was simply hoping to find a museum where he could check out trains from the 1920’s-50’s to start off his first visit in sometime to New York State. Instead, he found himself lost in the New York City subways. “I’m not so great,” Hart says over the phone, followed by a burst of static, “... I ended up getting lost in the subways for hours.”

Memorial: Kanell Washington

"Love. I've dedicated this to all the people who I ever truly or really loved, plus those knowing my darkest hours are just before my dawn." -Kanell Washington, "My Moms and Twin " Kanell Washington, also known as Kenneth Ward and "The Living Legend," died of kidney failure on Oct.


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