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New Fave Food Blog: Anger Burger

Since I'm a big fan of both eating and food, there is nothing more enjoyable than perusing the (web)pages of a good food blog. Unfortunately, many food blogs read more like Martha Stewart cookbooks than a home-grown type deal: Who knew so many people start off their days by delicately frosting several tiered cakes or make last-minute meals out of the cornucopia of farmer's market fresh organic vegetables in the fridge they had just "forgotten about?"

American Bead Corp - Pages

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The Broken Record: Whiskey and Gourmet Bar Food in the Crocker-Amazon

Though rents in the neighborhood have risen, not much has changed at the Broken Record. Over the years, pin-up girl murals by Mark Bode and Edison bulb light fixtures have appeared, and the backyard now includes heat lamps for chilly days and nights, but the bar retains its neighborhood dive status, albeit with a growing [...]

Wear Your Voice
Bay Area Style: A Step Back In History, Chola Style

A couple years ago, I started thinking about the far-reaching chola style that was so popular in my middle school and high school days, and began searching the internet for evidence. Like the soft focus Sears portraits of heavily lip-lined girls squatting and flashing signs, sporting doorknocker earrings and bare midriffs (or XXL men's tees) that were traded amongst friends and slipped into clear binder pockets.

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