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How to Drive a Jet Ski: A Step-by-step Guide for First-timers

With the wind in your hair and an adrenaline rush as you punch a throttle-nothing says "summer's here" like a jet ski ride! My first ride on a jet ski was amazing! It opened my eyes to a whole new world and I never looked back.

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The Funniest Prescription Drug Commercial You'll Ever See

We all know time outside is good for us - some exercise, a nice way to relax... Turns out spending more time in nature actually means so much more. Research shows that more time in nature not only greatly improves your overall health, cognitive functioning, and sense of well-being, but importantly l...

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This Program Is Creatively Saving Animals Lives. Here's How You Can Help Too.

Last year, The Petco Foundation and The Jackson Galaxy Foundation teamed up to create the Innovation Showdown to give animal welfare professionals the opportunity to pitch their most innovative lifesaving ideas. This year, you have the opportunity to do the same... and win up to $350,000.The 2018 In...

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Coldplay's Chris Martin pulls this teen out of the crowd and you have to see what happens next!

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Catch A Lift Fund Is Transforming Wounded Veterans' Lives Through Fitness

Do you ever wonder how veterans cope with life once they come home from combat? After being trained to be on high-alert 24/7, what's it like for them to integrate back into everyday society? It raises the question: our military members protect us, but who protects them?Over the years HooplaHa has do...

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Tracy's Dogs Rescues Shelter Dogs From Euthanasia And Finds Them Forever Homes

Tracy's Dogs is a not-for-profit National Rescue & Transport Initiative for shelter dogs. The focus of the program is to rescue and rehabilitate dogs with pending euthanasia dates residing in kill shelters with the hope of putting them up for adoption to find forever homes!In 2011, ASPCA (The Am...

7 Creepy Twin Stories You'll Wish You Didn't Read

Twins are "miracles of nature." One egg is released per monthly cycle in a woman, so having twins is rare (two eggs drop at once or one egg splits into two). Most people have a fascination with twins because they're different, but there's a deep connection there that only twins understand.

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How A Senior Dog Named Susie Helped 1000's Of Others Find A New Home!

Against advice from her family and friends, Erin Stanton and her husband Brandon took a chance that not only changed their lives forever, but also the lives of thousands of others.Wanting to adopt a dog, they decided on a senior dog named Susie. For 5 years, Susie gave the family exactly what they w...

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Double Amputee Veteran Is Running 31 Marathons In 31 Days

Do you think running a marathon is hard? Well, how about running 31 marathons every day for a month... with prosthetic legs? It may sound close to impossible, but that's exactly why this Marine Corps veteran is doing it! Rob Jones is a retired Marine Corps sergeant. He was serving in Afghanistan whe...

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This Bail Bondsman Turned Model Is Changing The Meaning Of Beauty!

Joshua Varozza is a bail bondsman by day and a male model by night, but not the typical male model. Joshua is a dudeoir (dude + boudoir) model; basically he mimics sexy poses in his underwear. So, why does the guy who's comparable to the men from DUCK DYNASTY do this?

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This widower put out an ad for a fishing partner. Watch what happens next. (via The Scene)

Honors Newsletter
Honors Alumni Reception

On Wednesday, April 15th, the USJ Honors program and the Office of Alumni Affairs hosted a networking reception in the Bruyette Athenaeum. The guests included: graduating Honors seniors, professors, Honors alumnae, the Provost, the new Vice President for Institutional Advancement,two Board members and an experienced SPEC professional. Members of the Honors Capstone seminar, ("Writing Women's Lives: The Construction of the Self," co-taught by Dr. Hoyser and Dr. Vozzola) presented their...

USJ Student Superstars

“Being surrounded by strong, independent, intelligent women, empowers us to strive for greatness. That's what I love about USJ. Whether it's in the classroom or on the field, I know I have reliable women pushing me to become a better person everyday.”