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Journalist, Editor, Feature Writer and Copywriter

A tenacious and highly versatile NCTJ-qualified journalist, editor and social media and content manager and digital copywriter with more than seven years’ experience creating inspiring, engaging and shareable social and compelling content for various B2B and B2C organisations such as the Institute of Directors, Tes, Trafalgar UK, ITV, BBC, the Evening Standard, MailOnline and The Voice Newspaper.

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International Women's Day

International Women's Day on the 8th March is a worldwide event that celebrates women's achievements - from the political to the social - while calling for gender equality. This...


Kitchen Sink to Catwalk: Being over 40 and fabulous

If anyone ever tells you that it's too late for you to do anything in life, then wait until you watch Together's brand new TV show Kitchen Sink to Catwalk. A reality contest...


ASIA 2018 | Trafalgar USA

Immerse yourself in this culturally rich and inspiring region where the combination of old and new seamlessly blend together to create an atmosphere that is quite intriguing....

The Column from Trafalgar

Meet Stephen Yellowhawk: Keeping His Native American Heritage Alive

Stephen Yellowhawk's undeniable passion for dance and sheer determination to promote his Native American culture was evident from the moment we met. A performer for more than 20...


USA & CAN 2018 | Trafalgar AUS

Soak up panoramic views of the deep blue waters and soaring cliff faces, while travelling around this stunning archipelago. Imagine the rumble of earth beneath your feet as you...


Autumn Winter Spring

7.5% Early Payment Discount is on the land-only portion of selected Trafalgar holidays and can be combined with other brochure discounts where applicable, does not apply to...


St Patrick's Day

Lose yourself in the beauty of Ireland where music, food, literary, Celtic, film and comedy festivals keep the good craic rolling. As you delve deeper into the magic of the...

The Column from Trafalgar

The best cultural festivals around the world - The Column from Trafalgar

Festivals are a great way to experience a destination. Here are some of the world's most vibrant and breathtaking cultural events to help you plan a trip of a lifetime. Enter...



How schools can support pupils with sickle cell disease

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is one of the most common genetic conditions in the world. It affects around one in 2,000 of all babies born in England. People with SCD produce...


How can managers be trained to support staff with mental health at work?

Employers across the UK are failing to provide adequate support to employees or equip managers with the skills to help them, according to new research. A by the charity Business...


Sickle cell disease: Do nurses and teachers need better training and education?

Red blood cells with sickle cell disease contain an abnormal form of haemoglobin - the blood's oxygen-carrying pigment - that makes them sickle-shaped. Photo credit: Fotolia The...


Living on the edge | Training Journal

Preseli Venture, right on the coast, is the perfect venue for corporate retreats and ideal for businesses looking for team-building away days. The newly launched 'Resilience in...

The Independent

The exciting events bringing hip hop to the forefront of London's club scene

London's hip-hop scene is ever evolving with more clubs and venues hosting old skool nights and fun events in various formats across the city. Hip Hop Brunch LDN, a weekly...


Training farmers to lift themselves out of poverty

Poverty in Africa is predominantly rural. More than 70 per cent of the continent's poor people depend on agriculture to feed their families and make a living. In Sub-Saharan...


Pregnancy and maternity discrimination forces thousands of new mothers out of their jobs

Working mothers are still being penalised for having children according to new research from Equality and Human Rights Commission. The data, which is based on a survey of over...

Asian Trader

Manufacturer slams proposed sugar tax

Global drinks brand has criticised the proposed “sugar tax” for prevent- ing consumers from making their own lifestyle decisions.

Asian Trader

E-cigarettes: Healthy or not?

The controversy surrounding e-cigarettes has been fuelled by public concern and media speculation over the health risks and regulation of these products.