Mary Haurilak

Marketing and Communications Specialist


Multi-faceted, multi-skilled marketing and communications specialist with a
Journalism degree. Strong skills in content writing, SEO writing, press releases
and media relations, event planning and sales and customer support. Friendly,
enthusiastic, team player that can handle anything that is thrown my way.

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P.L. Light Systems
Rainbow Greenhouses | P.L. Light Systems

The Vander Waal family has worked diligently to grow their family-owned business from a 3,000 square foot poly house in 1985-selling product to Seattle florists-to now managing over 4.5 million square feet of some of the most advanced glass-covered growing facilities in Chilliwack, BC, and Iron Springs, Alberta.

ecoation announces partnership with CEICKOR University in Mexico

As a Canadian organization committed to higher education as well as advancing agriculture and food production worldwide, ecoation is proud to announce it has signed a partnership agreement with one of Mexico's most prominent and well-respected agricultural universities, Ceickor Centro University, located in Mexico's agricultural heartland, Queretaro.

Yield prediction available for pepper growers

Ecoation revealed the world-first computer vision-based pepper forecasting platform after two years of stealth development and tests in multiple greenhouses across the world and will be showcasing this new technology at Greentech Amsterdam - from June 14 to 16. As most growers know, forecasting pepper yield is complex due to pepper flushes and significant variability in production.

Real-time crop stress monitoring to hit North America through partnership

Ecoation and Vivent have signed a partnership agreement to bring a real-time crop stress monitoring to the North American market. To further the partnership, Vivent has installed real-time crop sensors at HORTECA, a North American Horticultural Technology Center & Academy (HORTECA).

Ecoation hosts first educational Jamboree in Leamington for growers

They say education is knowledge, and last week the team at ecoation in Leamington sponsored an all-Canadian educational afternoon featuring speakers from various horticultural companies at the Roma Club. The event, which saw over 70 growers and greenhouse staff attend from the various greenhouses in the area, focused on Canadian-made horticultural solutions in IPM, lighting, biologicals and more.

Why use a coworking space? | The Hive Montreal

If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur with a small team, you have probably thought about moving into a coworking space already. But why use a coworking space if you can work from home or a coffee shop?

Clinique de la Toiture FCA
5 tips to ensure your rooftop terrace is watertight!| Clinique de la Toiture FCA

Get A Quick Quote By Contacting Us! Thinking of installing a rooftop terrace? What a great idea! But before thinking about the layout in terms of furniture or flowers, vegetables or other items, it is important to ensure that your flat roof is properly insulated and completely waterproof.

Trade Show Guide
Pipetek ad

A half-page ad for a sewer inspection company

G&R Kelly
What to do after buying a land to build your home | G&R Kelly

You have purchased a beautiful piece of property and are now planning to build your dream home. This is an exciting time, and you want to make sure that you do it right. You might be wondering, "What to do after buying land?"

G&R Kelly
How to build a retaining wall? | G&R Kelly

Retaining walls are an attractive and useful addition to a property, and can add additional space for landscaping, a place to install a new patio or deck area, and most importantly, put a stop to erosion of valuable land on your property.

G&R Kelly
Types of sewer pipes | G&R Kelly

As a homeowner or property owner in Halifax (and Halifax area), or the surrounding areas of Bedford or Dartmouth, you may be thinking of making improvements on your property. If this involves any kind of excavation, drainage or sewer work, you may be wondering what types of sewer pipes currently exist on your property.

G&R Kelly
How is and clearing done? | G&R Kelly

If you are a property owner in Nova Scotia, and you are thinking about clearing overgrown land that you own or manage to improve the property for future use, it's good to first assess the situation, and then to understand all the details required in your land clearing project so that you can choose the most efficient procedure.

G&R Kelly
How to install a French drain? | G&R Kelly

If you are a homeowner in the Halifax (and Halifax area) that is experiencing draining issues on your property, particularly around your home foundation, then you may want to look into the installation of a French drainage system to help you resolve these issues.