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Copywriter / Web Content Creator / Content Manager

I'm a creative thinker with a knack for writing an inspiration-driven copy. My diverse background demonstrates exceptional content marketing abilities and I would like to use them to the full extent. If you think that we can work together as like-minded people, please reach out to me whenever works best for you.

UX Collective
The psychology of Simple: why it's so hard to achieve in design

We have all been there - staring at a blank screen, looking for a flicker of creativity, and putting off the best of our ideas in hopes for better times to come. It's difficult to get started on something when you are out of creative energy.

Security Alert: Hidden Dangers of Making Your Home Smart

You wake up, and the lights come on. Coffee brews with songs from your morning playlist on the background. Refrigerator says you are out of milk. Weatherman recommends you to take an umbrella for a light city walk. And, yep, this happens automatically.

A Beginner's Guide to All Types of People You'll Meet at Tech Conferences

Disrupt SF 2019 is just around the corner. For many conference-goers, this is the event of the year. Most of them cannot get enough of meeting new people, making connections, and learning new staff. Others use it as an opportunity to make fun or fall head-over-the-heels in love with a new business idea.

Toggl Blog
Why Remote Work Fails and How to Fix It - Toggl Blog

Remote work can be a classic illustration of the "expectations vs. reality" meme. Unfortunately, that divergence often results in frustration and disappointment. But don't give up on your dream of becoming a remote worker. In this article, you will find the key reasons why remote work can fail and possible solutions.

eLearning Industry
How Instagram Сan Сontribute Τo eLearning In 2019 - eLearning Industry

With its strong emphasis on visual content, Instagram is gaining traction as one of the most aesthetic platforms to look into for a daily dose of inspiration. But is that really what this platform was designed for? What if we switch the focus from personal to professional use?

How Millennials Are Reshaping The Digital Payments Landscape

It's no secret that millennials are digital natives. For the tech-savvy generation, paying for a cappuccino using a pay-and-go method or buying a sweatshirt with one click at a button has become the norm. Millennials are stirring up the change in global e-commerce. Backing away from cash, they drive innovation in the digital payments industry.

Do Better Hiring - The RecruitLoop Blog
5 Ways You Can Use Instagram for Better Hiring - Do Better Hiring - The RecruitLoop Blog

This is a guest post by Content Creator at YouTeam Atamaniuk. Her opinions are her own. In September 2017, the number of monthly Instagram users broke all records, hitting ( are you ready for this?) 800 million! Sure thing, this number is not all about folks occasionally hawking fitness advice or sharing the photos of their dogs, babies, and vacations.

Creative Tim's Blog
7 Brilliant customer engagement strategies from famous companies

Engaging with audience goes beyond offering 24/7 customer support or handing out discounts. It's about making people enjoy your service. Social media makes it very easy to share your thoughts about certain products or businesses. That's why people increasingly go online to say what they think of brands/companies, explaining why they like them or not....

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