Martina Castigliani


Location icon Italy

I am an experienced International Journalist with a special expertise in Italian and French Politics and excellent knowledge of the Middle East and European Union political context.

I have been reporting about multiple key political news concerning Italian political parties and elections as well as recent terrorist attacks and Presidential elections in France. I am working as an editor for Il Fatto Quotidiano (Italy) where I am responsible about politics and human rights. I have been chosen by Institut franco-allemand as a remarkable under 30 journalist in Europe to work for two months at Libération (France). I spent the summer of 2016 in refugee camps in Greece and I produced the webdocumentary “L’inferno dei viventi” about the conditions of immigrants coming to European union. In 2012 I produced the documentary “Revolution on the carpet” about the relationship between two generations of political exiled activists from Iran (1978 vs 2009). I have brilliant investigation and research skills, both at field and office level. I am fluent in English and French, while Italian is my mother tongue. Good knowledge of Spanish as well.

Iran-Revolution on the carpet

A controversial revolution of the late twentieth century, the protests of the Green Movement of 2009, a theocratic regime: the history of Iran told through the eyes of those who live in exile, the protagonists of 1979 and then 2009.

Il Fatto Quotidiano
United mafias of Europe - From French Connection to Narco-banditry. And the judge surrenders:...

France Grand banditry (Corsican-Marseillaise): drug trafficking, money laundering, slot machines Drug-banditry: drug trafficking, money laundering Camorra: drug trafficking, money laundering, luxury theft RSOCGs: firearm trafficking, theft, prostitution France's criminal system is always more subject to the arrival of groups from abroad (East Europe), old and new forms of banditry that share drug trafficking and the ...

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