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My name is Martha. I enjoy writing about many topics including faith, mental health, and entertainment. I love music and television. I'm a huge fan of Twenty One Pilots and How I Met Your Mother!


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Students should be more patient with campus tours

Between the seventh and ninth week of school, students realize they are halfway done with the semester. After hearing someone in Neptune ask why they would have tours during midterms, I wondered if this was an appropriate time. At first, I thought tours should have been moved to a different time.

Northern Star Online
High school might have taught you more than you may think

When I graduated high school, I was so happy to be done because I didn't have to relive those four years. But looking back, I underestimated just what I got out of high school and how my experiences help shaped my future. High school serves as the crucial point of communicating in social groups.

Northern Star Online
Take advantage of the opportunities Housing and Dining offers

Drop the books and let the jousting begin! Usually I wouldn't say this, but when flyers advertise a trip to Medieval Times for only $25, I just can't resist, especially with stress of finals. Usually when trips like this come around, I tend to ease up about the price I'm paying for room and board.