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Hello there, I am a 24 year-old graduate from USF.
I tell stories and take photos, and I'm not too shabby.
I wish I could meet everyone there is to meet and tell their stories.


Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Drug court graduates find new hope

BRADENTON - When Michael Beles first met Judge Andrew Owens Jr., he couldn't even form a complete sentence. Now 18 months sober, Beles was a speaker Thursday at the 19th annual Drug Court graduation ceremony for Manatee and Sarasota. Beles has a job working with mortgage investments and has goals for his future.
UPDATE: Coast Guard recovers 2nd body in search for missing family

ST. PETERSBURG - A second body was found in the Gulf of Mexico, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. Authorities located the body during a search for the Sarasota family who went missing on their 29-foot sailboat on the way to Fort Myers on Sunday night. Neither body has been identified.
A century of change, and counting

Meet Mildred Born: June 26, 1908 Hometown: Weston, Ohio Favorite book: The Bible Favorite TV show: Rachael Ray Siblings: Myrtle, 100 years old Favorite food: "Everything I eat is my favorite" Places she's been: Cuba, Canada, and 46 states Enemies: "They're all dead" Skills: Great with money.

Unravel: Server Chronicles

Server Chronicles: Closing Time | unRavel

It's 11:20 p.m., and we close at 11:30 p.m. There are just a few people left, finishing up their dessert, paying, and leaving. Everyone is doing their side work, so when we are closed, we can run out of here. The place is empty, and I think I saw a tumbleweed go by.

Server Chronicles: Birthdays | unRavel

Hi how are you, my name is Mar- "IT'S HER BIRTHDAY" Oh. Ok. "IT'S HER BIRTHDAY WHAT DOES SHE GET?" A smile and well-wishes from me. Is that enough? I know you only came out on your birthday to get something for free, but it doesn't work like that here.

Server Chronicles: The Bread Man | unRavel

Wait. No. You NEED more bread. I can see you need more bread by you waving the empty basket at me with the worst smile I have ever seen. Some of us need water, oxygen, and rent money. But you, sir, you need your third basket of (free) bread before your meal even arrives.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune: unRavel

Breast cancer survivors finish healing through tattoos | unRavel

In the private room, with bright red walls, Sherry Chappell and Joann Hampton lifted up their shirts with smiles on their faces. "I just want to show everyone," Hampton said. After both having breast cancer over ten years ago, Chappell, 47, and Hampton, 46, had mastectomies.

Local tattoo shop raises money for Orlando through ink | unRavel

Iron Raven Tattoo in Palmetto is doing $50 pulse-related tattoos to raise money for victims and their families in Orlando. The hashtag, PulseTattoos, is a nationwide movement raising money for those in Orlando. The artists at Iron Raven Tattoo joined the movement last week, and they will continue through this Saturday.

#WeCookWednesdays | unRavel

In our second cooking attempt we decided to take on bacon. And egg, and rice. Fried rice is one delicious thing, but throw some bacon in there, and you're on a whole other level. As we scoured social media for our next big Tasty takeover we made sure to choose a dish that wouldn't give us another "shrimp-tail dilemma."

My blog about my marriage and divorce

Summer 2014

It was hot, and I was wearing flannel, like I do often. I pulled up to the Champion Motors in Englewood. I've passed it a million times on the way to the beach. This can't be right. I checked the address, and then I saw him. Who gets divorced at a small car dealership?

September 2012

I have to talk to you when we leave work tonight. I knew it. I knew what she was going to say. I had been back home for about a month now. It was hard leaving my husband, to say the least. I had to go. I still talked to him though.

Early 2011

I remember the first time I saw him. My best friend Lauren was in the delayed entry program, to go into the Navy. She asked me to go to her weekly meeting with her. I had gone with her before and she taught me the stuff she was learning, so I enjoyed going.

Neighborhood News Bureau / Public Affairs Reporting
Gallery celebrates second year, highlights Florida-born artist

REPORTING BY KATIE CALLIHAN AND MARLA KORENICH PHOTOS BY KATIE CALLIHAN NNB Reporters MIDTOWN-During February of 2014, a massive snowstorm known as PAX froze and shut down the entire heartbeat of the city of Atlanta. It's hard to imagine anything good that could have come out of major power outages that left thousands of ...

With relish, she covers education, wolfs down hot dogs

SARASOTA - At 10:30 on a Friday morning, she left the Sarasota Herald-Tribune office with purple streaks in her blond hair, an interrobang tattoo on her ankle, and a smile. An interrobang is a question mark and an exclamation point together. "It's my favorite symbol. It explains my life," she said.
Local artists revive the Deuces

REPORTING BY KATIE CALLIHAN AND MARLA KORENICH PHOTOS BY KATIE CALLIHAN NNB Reporters MIDTOWN - On Saturday, February 27th, Midtown hosted St. Petersburg's first Black Arts Festival. This event pulled various vendors from across the world into one vacant, grass lot at the corner of 9th Avenue South and 22nd Street South.

The Crow's Nest

North Port Sun


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