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I make the complex simple.

That's as short as I can make it. The tl;dr version is I specialize in turning verbose, confusing language into something suitable for widespread use. I've transformed confusing legalese into something my mother can understand, turned the morbid into infotainment and explained hockey to a bunch of football-loving Texans.


Content Strategy

Dell.com Content Strategy Process and Outcome

Services Content Strategy, Content Audit, Web Design, Persona Building, Taxonomy Development, Localization, Copywriting Problem The dell.com Corporate Social Responsibility site (approximately 350 English pages) was losing traffic and had a site-wide 73 percent bounce rate. The pages were neither attracting organic traffic nor keeping them when they got there.

Case Study: Building a startup's content strategy from scratch

Everyone in Austin has a startup, why don't I? That was my thought when I was attached in the spring of 2016 about joining an interesting startup that aligned with my interests, background and values. GivingDocs is a part-fintech and part-social good startup focused on helping organizations fundraise through planned giving (i.e.

City of Austin Intranet Rebuild and Content Strategy

Services Copywriting, Content Strategy, Consensus Building, Web Design, Process Design, Content Audit Problem The City of Austin's Intranet site is old, lacks any kind of coherent system of governance and little structure. It needs to be re-built from the ground up. Solution Using a new CMS, I have created a new content architecture, templates, editorial processes and search functionality.

B2B and B2C Corporate Content

Youth Learning: Unlocking their Potential

I was tasked with finding a way to properly show the actual impact of Dell's Youth Learning program through real storytelling. This page and the five stories included was the result.

Net Positive

A straight-forward, plain-spoken approach towards presenting a complicated topic.

Ocean Plastics

It's a lot of copy, but all of it good. It's a lot of assets, but all if good.This page performed very, very well.

Corporate Social Responsibility

This is the re-designed and re-written CSR homepage that greatly increased our click-through rate and greatly decreased our bounce rate.

Supply Chain

In order to meet regulatory and PR needs, we re-built this page to provide an interactive as well as transparent look at how Dell products are made.

Children's Cancer Care

A simple, clean way of telling a story that is both heartbreaking, uplifting and complicated.

B2B Blogs

6 Key Considerations for Scaling Accounts Receivable Management

Scaling a business comes with any number of challenges, in all parts of your operation. Everything from supply chains to human resources to product development have to be more efficient and effective to keep up with an increased demand. This includes billing and accounts receivable management, which will be among those most impacted.

How to Enable a Payment Portal for Quickbooks Desktop

Payment portals have become quite common for billing and collections. They give customer a one-stop shops to make payments, view invoices, look back on transaction history and manage their accounts. If you accept electronic payments, you should have one, preferably branded for your company.

A/R Metrics That Matter

How accounts receivable operates has evolved greatly, but how success is measured has remained fairly static. There are dozens of metrics that can be tracked that can give you a full picture of your business performance, but some are a little more important than others.

How Businesses Can Thrive In the Wake of Cashless Cities and Subscription Sites - Rebilly

The world is going urban, and that's not changing anytime soon. The UN projects 68% of the global population will be city dwellers by 2050, up from only 30% in 1950. Populations are rapidly concentrating and smartphones adoption are commonplace. That's leading to expansive smart city initiatives globally, involving everything from public WiFi to autonomous shuttles to cashless economies.

How to Decide on Pay-as-You-Go vs. Subscription Models - Rebilly

Ten years ago, the subscription model was rare. Pay-as-you-go structures for products and services were one of the most popular ways to conduct business. Netflix was mailing DVDs and an actual, physical newspaper wasn't seen as quaint. But today, things have changed.

How to Reduce Customer Credit Card Decline Rates - Rebilly

According to a survey from CompareCards.com, 12 percent of all credit and debit card users in the US experience a card decline each year. The cost to the merchant was significant: 2.6 percent of all income orders and 3.1 percent of all orders over $100.

What's Trending with Payments: Where Have We Been, Where are We Going? - Rebilly

Note: This is the first of three blogs we're doing on the future of payments. Stay tuned for our next two entries on what payments in 2030 will look like and how younger generations are changing the face of ecommerce. As younger generations start to hold more buying power, their influence is increasing - greatly.

Does My Subscription Business Need a Merchant Account? - Rebilly

As we move to a cashless society, and especially when you are a subscription business owner, accepting credit cards is a no-brainer. (When was the last time you carried cash in your wallet, or somehow beamed it to Amazon for your latest audiobook, right?)

KPIs Subscription Businesses Use to Measure Success - Rebilly

One of the biggest mistakes that a subscription business can make is measuring their KPIs in the same way as a business that relies on one-time sales. At best, this doesn't give you the full story, and at worst, this leads to flawed decisions. The key difference is clear: subscription businesses are all about recurring revenue.

Startup Blogs

Giving Docs
How to run a planned giving campaign... - Giving Docs

Note: First of a five-part series. A planned giving campaign just sounds daunting. It involves significant preparation, relationship building and, yes, a little legal know-how. For a small or medium organization, it's easy to dismiss...

Giving Docs goes back to school - Mark Swanson - Medium

Do you know what behavioral economics is? Neither did we! We're finding out though. This month, Giving Docs formally began work at the S tartup Lab at the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University. Yes, that is a complicated title. The Lab was founded and is run in part by Dan Ariely, a global voice in behavioral economics.

Adulting is hard: Why you need a will - Mark Swanson - Medium

Nobody wants to talk about their own mortality. It's all just so unpleasant. We're supposed to all live forever, right? Spoiler alert: you don't. That's why you need to put on your adult pants and do the things that all adults-in-good-standing do, including setting up a will and preparing for what happens after you're gone.

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