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Top Chicago Emerging R&B/Hip-Hop Artists 2021

From inception, music from Chicago has always been a hyperlocal, cultural melting pot of sonic styles like blues, jazz, house, spoken word, gospel, and hip-hop, with Black centered narratives. Generations later, Chicago's musical stylings are just as expansive with the rise of its ubiquitous Drill music scene and the emergence of artists like Tobi Lou and Jamila Woods that are putting the city's more melodic sides on full display.

Chicago and Drill Music Go Hand in Hand, But There's More to the Story

For generations, Chicago 's music has provided the soul-stirring soundtrack to everyday Black life while offering a lens into the culturally rich neighborhoods that comprise the Windy City. At its roots, Chicago has always been a mainstay in blues and gospel, dating back to the days of Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry records lining the Maxwell Street Market and the uplifting sounds of Thomas A.

Pusha T And Courvoisier Welcome Chicago To The Maison Courvoisier Experience

King Push and Courvoisier Cognac give NBA All-Star Weekend warm vibes with art, fashion and good liquor. As the festivities from the bitterly cold 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago brought nearly the whole Midwest and beyond to the city, Courvoisier Cognac left everyone with a glowing warmth as strong and hearty as the liquor itself this past Saturday, Feb.

Hip Hop Interviews & Profile

Rolling Stone
'We Never Imagined This': The Dizzying Ascent of Lil Durk

star-filled evening in May, Durk Banks is surrounded by friends, family, and what feels like the entire city of Chicago as he prepares to take the stage for a sold-out show at his hometown's United Center. It's the final night on his 7220 tour, and it feels like a moment of hard-won victory for Chicago hip-hop and the much-criticized drill scene.

Rolling Stone
How Yeat's 'Rich Minion' Became an Unlikely Viral Smash

spent the first half of this year living out some of his biggest dreams: meeting and hanging out with one of his heroes, Love f.k.a. , shooting a with Kid Cudi, Denzel Curry, and JID, and drawing more than 90,000 people to Chicago's West Side for the 2022 Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash, a festival he co-founded .

Saba Is Finally Appreciating the Good Things in His Life

When Saba released his critically acclaimed sophomore album Care For You in 2018, grief and mourning took center stage for the rapper born Tahj Malik Chandler. During its recording, the unspeakable weight from dealing with the tragic murder of his friend and fellow rapper was still fresh on his mind.

Chicago Sun-Times
G Herbo rebounds from pandemic, eager to show fans how 'I've grown as an artist'

South Shore's own Herbert Wright, better known as the rapper and street humanitarian G Herbo, always struggled to have a decent show in Chicago for one reason or another. And as the global pandemic hit Illinois, the tour from his previous album, "P.T.S.D."was canceled before it could come to The Forge in Joliet.

Chicago Sun-Times
Wiz Khalifa upping the stakes with bigger, grander tour

Grammy-nominated rapper/cannabis magnate Wiz Khalifa is heading to Chicago with his Decent Exposure tour in tow for a July 27 show at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Tinley Park. His arrival just happens to coincide with the passage of Illinois HB 1438, legalizing recreational marijuana.

MTV News
Queen Key Needs To Be Heard, Period

On Eat My Pussy Again, the latest offering from Chicago's Queen Key, the rising rapper resembles Vera, the notorious brothel madam in 1989 Eddie Murphy comedy Harlem Nights. Both are blunt, aggressive, supportive, brutally honest, and hilarious AF.

Vic Mensa on What a Win in the Fight Against Police Violence Means for Chicago and America

Justice in a modern, ostensibly civilized society should be an expectation, not a surprise. But our nation's African American community has learned not to expect justice to be served when police violence is involved. Time and time again, the criminal justice system has shown us that there is little to no consequence for the police who have harmed African Americans unnecessarily or excessively.

DJ L On Rise Of G-Herbo, Lil Bibby, Drill Rap's Impact, Future of Hip-Hop

For a man of his impressive physical stature, Chicago's own DJ L is one of the city's more elusive, yet highly influential producers. From the shadowy profile picture on his Twitter account and the fact that he's a bit of a studio rat, the Windy City beatsmith purposely keeps his profile low-key.

Nef The Pharaoh On Breaking Out Of The West Coast

Right now, it's safe to say that Southern California is cranking out rap stars by the minute. With exceptional projects from guys like Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, The Game, Ty Dolla $ign, YG and more, the West Coasters have been providing the hip-hop soundtracks for today's youth over the last several years.

Madame Gandhi On Why "The Future Is Female" (Interview)

According Madame Gandhi, the future is female. She says this with pride and confidence as she arrives at VIBE's headquarters, greeting everyone in her signature style of bright neon colors. Born Kiran Gandhi, the musician-activist grew up between New York City and Bombay, India.

Financial Tip: T.I. Talks Money Matters Based On His 'Da Nic' EP

The self-proclaimed King of the South is returning to his roots. After ending his distribution deal with Colombia Records, T.I. will now go by the name Tip and load up his catalog with new trap tunes. The Grand Hustle CEO is also prepping his tenth full-length album, The Dime Trap , proving cash rules everything around the rapper born Clifford Harris.

One Man Show: Lil Herb Preps 'Ballin' Like I'm Kobe' With A New Sense Of Self

No matter where he is, Lil Herb is focused. Even as he walks backstage with his manager/DJ after performing his set dapping people up, hugging the girls, kicking it with fellow Chicagoan, Vic Mensa, and politicking with Brooklynites as everyone else backstage rolls paper planes, his priority is elevating his craft and performing real-life raps.

Nelly Speaks On The Success of 'Nellyville'

At this point in the game, it's safe to say Nelly is a St. Louis legend. As the most successful and groundbreaking hip-hop artist to emerge from STL, there isn't a bigger name than Cornell Haynes in the Midwest. No hyperbole is spoken around here either - just look at the facts.
Destiny Fulfilled: Papoose On New LP, Love In Hip-Hop And The Illuminati

Brooklyn spitter Papoose (real name Shamele Mackie) has had a roller coaster career since bringing the hype on Busta Rhymes's "Touch It" remix. After getting caught up in label hell following his $1.5 million contract with Jive in 2006, he pushed out his debut album, The Nacirema Dream independently in 2013 on Fontana Records.

Facts Only: Trae Tha Truth Spits Nothin' But 'Tha Truth' On New LP

Drama builds some of hip-hop's finest characters. See Trae Tha Truth, the Houston legend whose share of ups and downs have only made him stronger. After being banned from several radio stations nationwide, surviving the 2012 shooting at his annual Trae Day event that left him a bloodied mess and three others (Carlos Durell "Dinky D" Dorsey, Erica Rochelle Dotson and Coy "Poppa C" Thompson) dead, Trae continues pushing, iced out grills and all.

R&B Interviews & Profiles

Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago bluesman Bob Stroger turned to music to weather the pandemic storm

Award-winning blues singer, songwriter and bass player Bob Stroger has been performing the blues for as long as he's lived in Chicago. Having lived and performed through some of the most turbulent, transformative eras Black musicians have endured, the 91-year-old musician says the COVID-19 pandemic "was a trip" unlike anything he's ever experienced.

MTV News
Pink Sweat$ Wants To Take You To Pink Planet

If the response to the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded the country of anything, it's that love still makes a difference. It's what West Philadelphia's own Pink Sweat$ has been demonstrating while residing in the capital of country music, Nashville.

Chicago Sun-Times
Patti LaBelle celebrating milestone year for a trio of albums with an evening of soul, friends

The storied legacy of the legendary three-time Grammy Award-winning singer/actress/entrepreneur Patti LaBelle has proven to be an ongoing journey of highs, lows and constant evolution. And while she continues her memorable appearances on series like HBO's "A Black Lady Sketch Show," she's busy performing across the country in her latest concert presentation, An Evening of Soul: Patti LaBelle and Friends, featuring R&B icons Stephanie Mills, El DeBarge and Freddie Jackson.

Ray J Talks New Headphone Line, Diabetes Scare, Fatherhood

Ray J is making moves in Silicon Valley with his new line of headphones, but he also has other challenges on the way: fighting prediabetes, returning to school, and fatherhood. If there are only a few things that have been synonymous with the R&B star/reality TV trailblazer Ray J in recent years, they are insane controversy and big business.

Getting To Know Music's New Soul Child, Anderson .Paak

For a man who's soft spoken and oozing humility, budding singer-songwriter, Anderson. Paak has a lot to humblebrag about in 2015. After appearing on Dr. Dre's , .Paak is following up the blessings with a joint EP alongside production duo, Blended Babies, called The Anderson .Paak EP.

Obituaries & Memorial Essays

Rolling Stone
Young Dolph's Life Celebrated in Memphis: 'He Was Such a Benevolent Spirit'

The late, great Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. spent his entire rap career campaigning to be the King of Memphis, through his soul-stirring music and a selfless generosity to his community that felt as large as the signature diamond-encrusted Paper Route Empire dolphin that stayed around his neck.

King Von, Fearless Storyteller

In 2020, tragedy has loomed over Chicago hip-hop. Within the span of just four months, we've seen the lives of three prominent figures in the city's drill scene meet a violent and untimely end. Chief Keef affiliate Tray Savage was gunned down on July 19.

How 90s TV Immortalized Little Richard for a New Generation

The innovator, originator, and architect of rock and roll, Little Richard was a larger-than-life icon who made a lasting impression on nearly every generation. Since his breakout debut, Here's Little Richard in 1957, he has influenced and inspired musicians and entertainers, crossing age and racial boundaries.

Cannabis Articles

Chicago Reporter
A look at both sides of the fight for equity in Chicago's legal cannabis industry

Illustration by Robin Carnilius/The TRiiBE As the marijuana business continues to boom across the state, Black Chicagoans still suffer from the lingering wounds of the U.S. government's War on Drugs campaign that ran from the 1970s to the 1990s. Meanwhile, the state of Illinois raked in nearly $110M during the first quarter of legal recreational cannabis sales.

11 Stoner Anthems From Mixtape Weezy For 4/20

The day that's known around the world as National Weed Smoking Day (April 20) - the ultimate stoner's holiday - has arrived. Fun fact about 4/20: The origins stem from a group of five California teenagers called The Waldos and the exact time they used to meet up with each other before scoring some bud.

Essays and Op-Eds

Megan Thee Stallion Deserves Support and Protection, Not Jokes

For as long as Megan Thee Stallion's career has been rising - thanks to the 2018 Tina Snow mixtape, which launched her on a path to become one of the hottest and most beloved rappers of her generation - her journey has been a dizzying rollercoaster of head rushing highs and nauseating lows.

How Three 6 Mafia's 'Mystic Stylez' Provided the Blueprint for Modern Day Rap

In May 1995, Three 6 Mafia made their debut with Mystic Stylez . Although the album would not be the one to break them in mainstream hip-hop, Mystic Stylez was a groundbreaking rap record that eventually became a cult classic, impacting a generation of young rappers that came to represent the underbelly of the genre throughout the 2010s.

Kendrick Lamar is the artist of the decade

Insider is reminiscing about the past 10 years of musical greats with a series of opinion essays dedicated to the artists who inspired fans around the world. Here, writer Mark Braboy explains why he believes Kendrick Lamar is the greatest artist of the decade.

Drake is the artist of the decade

Insider is looking back on the last decade of musical greats with a series of opinion essays . Next up: Drake. A week ago, I argued that Kendrick Lamar is the artist of the decade. But there's also an argument to be made that the title belongs to Drake.
Missy Elliott's 'Da Real World' At 20

On her renowned second album, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott came back even louder, sharper, and more unapologetic than before, earning her rightful title as the (other) Queen B*tch of Hip-Hop and R&B.

It's Time For Run The Jewels To Earn Their First Grammy Nomination

As another well executed, yet always controversial Grammy season closes, we can't help but think about the contenders for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards in 2018. There are a few chickens that have to home to roost, namely, one of the best rap groups of this decade, Run The Jewels.

Opinion: How Tupac Lives Within The Black Lives Matter Movement

When I look at the latest trailer of the new Tupac Shakur biopic, All Eyez On Me, where it showed the scene of Pac's violent arrest for "jay-walking" in 1991, it instantly reminds me of the traumatic videos of police brutality we see almost every week of black, brown, and even white bodies being punched, kicked, assaulted by tasers, maced, wrestled to the ground, and pumped full of bullets in the streets by police.

Reported Stories & Event Re-Caps

Chicago Reader
Hip-hop blogs spread fake news about O-Block - Chicago Reader

This article was co-published in partnership with The TRiiBE. For as long as Chicago has been on the map as a dominant cultural hotbed, the city's Black population has been a target of lucrative exploitation and racist scapegoating from right-wing and mainstream news, gossip blogs, and fringe hip-hop media.

WBEZ Chicago
As Big Museums Get Rescue Grants, The President Of The Nation's Only Puerto Rican Museum Says...

This story was produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Center. For more stories about the effect of COVID-19 on museums, please visit the Prairie State Museums Project at . In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic that has ravaged Illinois, many museums of color have been feeling the squeeze of the economic hardships caused by it.

WBEZ Chicago
The Keepers Of Chicago's Black History Fight To Stay Alive During The Pandemic

This story was produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Center. For more stories about the effect of COVID-19 on museums, please visit the Prairie State Museums Project at . The opening night party for "The March" was a grand affair: celebrities, klieg lights and a red carpet lining the stone steps to the entrance of the DuSable Museum of African American History in Chicago's Washington Park neighborhood.

Vic Mensa Hosts Anti-Bait Truck Shoe Giveaway In Chicago

On a swelling hot and humid Sunday afternoon (Aug. 26) Vic Mensa and the SaveMoneySaveLife foundation held the Anti-Bait Truck Shoe Giveaway at Chicago's West Englewood Community Center. The hectic, yet heartwarming event was held in response to Operation Trailer Trap , a police sting that involved a truck full of shoes being sent to the impoverished, mostly-black southside community to lure and arrest civilians.

Vic Mensa: "Police Are The New Slave Catchers"

Vic Mensa's efforts to transform his community was seen under the bright lights of Lincoln Hall Friday (Mar. 16), with the launch of his Save Money, Save Life Foundation. The inaugural gala paired with the foundation was hosted by Chi-Town poet-activist Malcolm London and co-founder Laundi Keepseagle, with memorable performances from DJ Oreo, NEXT alum Jamila Woods, and of course, Mensa himself.

Zaytoven, Jay Claxton Host 'Remy Martin Producer Series' Semifinals

As the Remy Martin Producers Series continues to travel across the United States in search of the best young beatmakers in the country, the semi-finals made its way to Downtown Chicago on Friday (Sept. 28) at The Bassment. Longtime Baltimore radio personality/DJ Jay Claxton alongside one of the godfathers of trap music, Zaytoven, hosted the competition.

The Art of Immigration

Immigration problems have affected artist Ingrid Cruz and her family. Her stepfather was unable to attend his father's funeral in Aguilares, El Salvador, because he was undocumented. After he got a Green Card in 2001, he was able to return to El Salvador when his mother died. Cruz and her family became U.S.

Special Projects
The 25 Best Hip-Hop Songs Of 2022

The year 2022 was a blessing when it came to hits. Whether you were pushin' P or f**k ni**a free, there was truly something for everyone. The ladies shined and held their own in rap arena, asserting their independence and ability to keep loaded rosters.
The 25 Best Hip-Hop Albums Of 2022

The beginning of every calendar year comes with predictions and expectations about what Hip-Hop fans can look forward to over the course of the next twelve months. Questions concerning whether your favorite rap artist will return after a long hiatus if the culture's latest critical darling will build on the momentum set in the previous year, and which superstar will finish the year with the most hits and accolades are asked.
The 25 Best R&B Albums Of 2022

Back in 2015 on the GRAMMY stage, Prince declared, "Albums still matter. Like books and Black lives, albums still matter." He ain't never lied. Albums-great ones especially-are more than just a compilation of songs thrown together on a succinct body of work.

WTTW Chicago
The Birth of Gospel Music in Chicago

For generations, Black music has been one of the foundational sources for liberation, survival, salvation, and entertainment. Gospel music has been one of the most integral and sacred forms of that music. It birthed a generation of storytellers, influential musicians, and agents of social change, such as Mahalia Jackson, Shirley Caesar, Kirk Franklin, and many others.

The TRiiBE
Here are the 25 best Chicago hip-hop and R&B albums of 2022 * The TRiiBE

This year, Chicago drill celebrated a big milestone. Dec. 18 marked 10 years since Chief Keef took over the world with the release of his major label debut, Finally Rich , a behemoth that gave us the controversial "3Hunna" and genre-defining classics such as "Love Sosa" and "I Don't Like" featuring Lil Reese.
The 50 Biggest Moments In Music In 2020

Published Yesterday Let's face it-2020 has been a dizzying roller coaster year of ups and downs that have left the nation reeling. The coronavirus, which has resulted in a global pandemic, has disproportionately impacted Black America. Civil unrest set the streets ablaze.

25 Hip-Hop Singles By Bomb Womxn Of 2019

From confident to conscious bars, these are voices in hip hop who shined the brightest this year. Nothing hits like a rapper talking their sh*t, especially if she happens to be a womxn. There's a confidence that oozes out from the speakers and into the spirits of a listener open to that addictive feminine energy.

Halfway Point: 17 Albums Worth Carrying Into The Rest Of 2017

Music's purpose in 2017 posed an impulse of more feeling, more groove and more substance. And boy, did it deliver. From matters of the heart to those politicking on Capitol Hill, this year's releases have strapped us into a rollercoaster of emotions, praying for another go around.

JAY-Z's '4:44' Was A Humble Surprise To VIBE's Staff: Review

After weeks of trying to decipher the meaning behind the peach posters with four characters stamped in a large black typeface, 06.30.17 finally arrived with the musical gift of JAY-Z's 13th studio album, 4:44 . Once the clock struck midnight, all of the anticipation seeped out of headphones and speakers and into the eager ears of Hov fans.

What Millennials Should Know About... Raekwon's 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx'

VIBE's crash course on Raekwon's 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx' VIBE spotlights some of music's most essential timepieces for Gen Y Features: The RZA as Bobby Steele, U-God as Golden Arms, Nas as Nas Escobar, The GZA as Maximillion, Cappadonna as Cappuccino, Masta Killa as Noodles, Inspectah Deck as Rollie Fingers, Method Man as Johnny Blaze Executive Producers: The RZA, Oli Grant, and Mitchell Diggs Elevator Pitch: Raekwon's OB4CL is a hood tale that rises from the grime of New York, whose...

Live Reviews

SZA Brings Her Fans On An Emotional Voyage On 'SOS' Tour

Tens of thousands of fans from all across Chicago and beyond braved the wet and chilly elements to watch SZA perform her first-ever arena show at the second night of the tour at the United Center on February 22.

Chicago Sun-Times
BTS turns up the heat on frigid spring night at Chicago's Soldier Field

From the pop-up shop on State Street to show time at Soldier Field, Chicago's bright-eyed and super diverse BTS Army took over a freezing downtown on Saturday evening as the Billboard chart-topping K-Pop sensation BTS (Beyond the Scene or Bangtan Sonyeondan, meaning Bulletproof Boy Scouts) arrived with its Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour.

G-Eazy's Endless Summer Tour Brings The Hits: Review

G-Eazy has been on the road nonstop this year. After wrapping up his Beautiful & The Damned Tour with Trippie Redd, Anthony Russo, and Phora, the Oakland native is now embarking his Endless Summer Tour featuring Lil Uzi Vert, Ty Dolla $ign, YBN Nahmir, Murda Beatz, and P-Lo.

MTV News
On the Eve of His 'Big Day,' Chance the Rapper Poured His Heart Into Chicago

In the warm, wee hours of Thursday night, before the supposed release of Chance The Rapper's new "Owbum", The Big Day, Chicago's lush and colorful Garfield Park Conservatory was filled to the brim with friends, family, and his most dedicated supporters as he treated the city to an intimate and sentimental performance in celebration with Spotify, Chance's Big Day.

Pitchfork Music Festival Day 2: Kelela And More Saved The Day

Day two of the 2018 Pitchfork Music Festival lacked a certain umph, excitement and urgency. A few words that come to mind when describing the day would be "boring", "delays", and "wacky a** weather." Although one shouldn't hold the elements against them as festival officials provided ponchos for attendees.

Pitchfork Music Festival: Syd, Saba, Tierra Whack Ruled Day 1

For the last three installments of Chicago's Pitchfork Music Festival, there has always been a sprinkle of rain of to muddy up Union Park. However, the torrential weather was more relentless than before as it dominated most of the festival.


Vinyl Me, Please
Chief Keef and the Drill Wave

Black Chicago culture practically smacked the country on its ass in an unprecedented victory lap in 2012. It was a monumental year where we witnessed the rise of former Chicago Bull and then-reigning MVP Derrick Rose, former president Barack Obama winning re-election as the U.S.'s first Black president, and the hostile takeover of the infamous hip-hop subgenre drill by the 16-year-old enigma Chief Keef.

12 Hip Hop & R&B Collaborations With We Need ASAP

K-pop music has steadily grown into a cultural phenomenon that has spread from Korea and attracted a massive, diverse audience across the globe, with a few of Korea's hottest exports like EXO, Pentagon, NCT-127, Blackpink, and Monsta X gaining momentum in the United States.

20 of the Best Politically-Charged Rap Songs - XXL

Ever since the earliest origins of hip-hop, the culture and sociopolitical issues have always gone hand in hand. The medium, through rapping, dancing and artwork, was (and still is to this day) used as a means of expressing (and documenting) everything what was happening in the neighborhood.

Strictly For The Bad & Boujee: The 25 Essential Migos Songs And Features

If Hollywood wasn't fully aware of Migos before the 2017 Golden Globes - they are now. During the show, the rap group was shouted out by none other than surprise Golden Globe winner, Donald Glover. Prior to the namedrop the ATL trio relentlessly released music to create their own mark in this particular era of Hip-Hop.

10 Phife Dawg Music Video Appearances We'll Be Watching Forever

On the morning of Wednesday (March 23) music fans around the world were shocked and saddened to receive the news of Phife Dawg's passing 1/3rd of the legendary group, A Tribe Called Quest, passed away due to compilations from Type 1 diabetes, a long and hard fight he's had to endure since he was diagnosed in 1990.

Album Reviews

Rolling Stone
Brockhampton Look Inward as They Say Goodbye on 'The Family'

From the Beatles to Odd Future, when a beloved, successful, and ceiling-shattering group parts ways, it always feels bittersweet. Since arriving in the early 2010s, Texas-bred alternative hip-hop crew Brockhampton have been one of rap's most artistically and socially progressive groups.

Rolling Stone
G Herbo's Star Is Rising, But That Won't Stop Him From Showing His Scars

In Chicago, many kids are exposed to two sides of the same coin. There are the joyful traditions, experiences, and summertime fun that define Black childhood in the city. And then there's "Chiraq," where G Herbo, born Herbert Wright, saw his first casualty of gun violence when he was just eight years old.

Rolling Stone
Kid Cudi Sounds Pretty Happy on 'Entergalactic'

Scott " Kid Cudi" Mescudi's generation-defining debut mixtape, 2008's A Kid Named Cudi, showcased a unique artist at the forefront of a generation of rappers who made it feel OK to wear one's heart on their sleeve. It was a daring look in the late aughts, when coke rap and snap-and-pop dance numbers were the dominant subgenres in hip-hop.

Review: Lil Wayne Struggles With Freedom On 'Free Weezy Album'

I am a millennial who was raised on Cash Money Millionaires, Juvenile, B.G, Hot Boyz, The Big Tymers, and of course, Lil Wayne. I remember going to the corner store when I was nine years old and buying his first album, Tha Block Is Hot on cassette (remember those?), and jamming to it for a long time.

Pastor Young Brings Motivation To The Hood On 'Church In These Streets'

The church is usually a place for spiritual healing. Right now, the world is undoubtedly going through an extremely dark, confusing, and hate-driven era. It feels like every time we log online, there's news stories about people of color being gunned down in the streets or being violently assaulted by a trigger happy police officer, or somebody with hate in their blood.

Review: G Herbo (A.K.A. Lil Herb) Brings Light To His Darkest Thoughts On 'Ballin Like I'm Kobe'

Since his critically acclaimed breakout mixtape, Welcome To Fazoland , G Herbo b.k.a. Lil Herb has been on the frontlines, spitting the harsh realities of modern-day Chicago. Now, his long awaited follow-up Ballin Like I'm Kobe expands upon Fazoland and his last 'tape, The Pistol P Project , and gives fans a Wire-esque view of the death-plagued and war-torn area of the Southeast Side of Chi-Town, otherwise known as "Terror Town."

Review: Jay Rock Comes For TDE's Top Spot On '90059'

After months of rumored release dates, the hip-hop gods have finally blessed timelines with Jay Rock's long awaited follow-up to 2011's criminally underrated debut Follow Me Home . A lot has changed since then for the 2010 XXL Freshman class alumni.

VIBE Reviews Meek Mill's 'Dreams Worth More Than Money'

The story of Robert Rahmeek Williams, a.k.a. Meek Mill, on Dreams Worth More Than Money could have been the sequel to Roc-A-Fella's 2002 crime flick, State Property . Both hood tales revolve around men from the slums of Philadelphia fighting for their lives in abject poverty.

Misc. Interviews

Andre Ward Talks Boxing Hiatus And Big BET Fight

Andre Ward is in the business of making history. After a long 19 month hiatus, the WBA Super Middleweight champion will make his comeback to the ring in a momentous way. This Saturday (June 20), he will be duking it out with Paul Smith in BET's first ever televised boxing event in conjunction with Roc Nation Sports.

Media Apperances

Young Dolph's connection to Jackson State is deeper than football

"You only get one shot at life. One life to live. Make the most of it, put as many smiles as you can on people's faces. Help as many people as you can, get you some paper. Live life, you and your folks." - Young Dolph Young Dolph cherished personal connections.

City Cast Chicago - What Hip-Hop Blogs Get Wrong-and Right-about Chicago on Stitcher

Election season can mean commercials and speeches full of fearmongering around crime, stereotypes about the South and West sides, and calling Chicago a hellhole. But it doesn't just happen when there's an election. Freelance journalist Mark Braboy recently wrote for The Triibe about the growth of online hip-hop and culture blogs, and how Chicago misinformation has become some of their bread and butter.

Music Journalism in 2019: A Roundtable

This wonderful field I work in grows more and more uneasy by the day. Because of the Internet, words are no longer quite as premium. If anything, we have too many words; we see gobs of them in clickbait articles, YouTube video descriptions, and Twitter threads.

Video Work and On-Camera Content

Lecrae Talks Hurricane Harvey, Organized Religion & More (Watch)

While Lecrae Moore was physically amid the hustle and bustle of promoting his new album, All Things Work Together with a listening session and a press run throughout New York City, his heart was elsewhere. Like many around the U.S., he was watching much of his hometown of Houston, Texas fall from Hurricane Harvey, despite maintaining his naturally pleasant and positive disposition.