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Mark Andel

Irreverent, but well-meaning

Location icon United States of America

English teacher, newspaper reporter, columnist, blogger, novelist, abstract painter, nonprofit donor letter writer, and corporate communications guy.


Blogs, Columns & Books

Lunker Candy

What happens when book editor Vince Noli discovers a brilliant book that could be his golden key to the Big Time – and it is written by a lawyer whose tortured body has just washed up on the shores of Lake Michigan? To what length will Vince go to guarantee his future – and at what moral cost?

Chicago Now Blog
Hot Dog Diaries

A Chicago Now blog in pursuit of the best Chicago Style Hot Dog, with occasional everyday observations and political commentary.

Northwest Leader
Easy Mark Column List

Mark Andel has been writing newspaper columns since he began working as a newspaper reporter in Tennessee's Smoky Mountains in the early Nineties. For seven years afterward, he produced a weekly column for Chicago's Northwest Leader and North Loop News. Here is an archive of some of those columns.


Northwest Leader
Theater Reviews

Mark Andel's theater reviews that appeared in the Northwest Leader and Chicago's North Loop News.

Timeout Chicago
Bar Reviews

Mark Andel’s bar and restaurant reviews that appeared in Timeout Chicago magazine.

Chicago Tribune's Redeye
Beer Articles

A sampling of newspaper beer and restaurant pieces published in the Chicago Tribune's Redeye and Metromix.

Healthcare and Science

Clearing the Air on Biologics, Biosimilars

This article was intended to provide more information about the differences between biologics and biosimilars to show that AbbVie's leading product, Humira, is a biologic instead of an easy-to-reproduce generic medicine.

Exploring the "Why" Hepatitis C with Betty Yao, Ph.D. | AbbVie

The hepatitis C virus (HCV) hides in the liver and other tissues such as the spleen and gall bladder, and it mutates while hiding. It's an elusive, insidious and stealthy bug that sometimes takes years to make its presence known. And by that time, it may have caused serious liver damage.

Insight Magazine
Mind Over Medicine

It may be time for the pill-dispensing physician to step aside. Make room for the growing acceptance of holistic health care.

Another Day in the Life of a Working Mom of a Child with Autism

A "Working Mother of the Year" is Mara Roman, a busy, proactive Mom balancing a demanding career with the challenges facing her daughter with autism. A trampoline, a mini-spa hot tub and a nearby bubble machine. Are we on the deck of a cruise ship? Inside a newfangled discotheque? Not quite.

AbbVie Art Show Depicts Impact of IMIDs

Artists and patients collaborated to provide a powerful, moving dimension to the current understanding of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs) and their impact on patients and society.

Internal Corporate

Aging Panel with Financial Times

Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer Michael Severino participated as a guest panelist in a discussion on aging at the Financial Times U.S. Healthcare and Life Sciences Conference in New York City.

AbbVie’s Yi-Yin Ku Helps Advance Pipeline

During Women’s History Month and every day, AbbVie values the contributions of women like 2014 Volwiler Society honoree, Senior Research Fellow Yi-Yin Ku.

AbbVie Top Ten Stories

The top ten most popular internal stories at the year-end of 2014.

Abbvie Features First Medical Booth

For the first time, AbbVie presented an immunology medical research booth at European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) Congress in Paris.

General Position Statement on Biosimilars

AbbVie supports the entry of biosimilars that have been shown, with robust evidence including clinical trials, to be as safe and efficacious as the originator biologic medicines.

Henrietta Lacks Unknowingly Revolutionizes Science

It is estimated that 50 million tons of her cells have been produced in laboratories, enough to circle the equator three times. They have been used for gene mapping, to create vaccines for polio and Human Papilloma Virus, and have made inroads in AIDS research. Whose cells? They belonged to Henrietta Lacks.


When Giving Gets Personal

At AbbVie, contributing to solve tough health challenges doesn't just happen in our labs and offices - it's also about how employees choose to give back.

Catholic Extension
Help Build a Mission Chapel, and Memorialize a Loved One

An appeal to help build a mission church, using the example of San Lorenzo Church, where the bell tower came down and parishioners built wooden crosses from the rubble for donors to help rebuild.

Catholic Extension
Tornado Destroys Church

A Kansas church was reduced to rubble when a tornado tore through town. Catholic Extension appealed to Catholics across the country to help them rebuild.

Catholic Extension
Best-Selling Author Mary Higgins Clark Chairs EXTENSION Magazine Short Story Contest

Celebrated author Mary Higgins Clark was first published in Extension Magazine. Now, Clark is happy to give something back to the source of her first publishing success. She has agreed to serve as honorary chair for EXTENSION's short story contest for Catholic high school students, as part of the magazine's centennial celebration.

Catholic Extension
Help Our Missionaries

An appeal letter to encourage supporting Catholic missionaries.

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