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A few kind words from my editors:

“Thanks for such a great piece – it’s something genuinely original, and a great read.”
Travel Editor, The Telegraph

“I do love reading your stories – they’ve always got such a wonderful charm to them, and this piece is no different. I really enjoyed reading it, and you brought the village to life so well. Many many thanks!” – Editor, BBC Travel

“I have just read your Serengeti story and I am really excited about this article. What a beautiful trip, and what a great piece! Thanks for all the good work. Always a pleasure to work with you.” – Editor, KLM inflight magazine

“An explosive opening followed by dripping-hot, immersive prose. I can really feel the power of your craft as I read this. I want this magazine to be a good read and this sort of work helps to ensure that it is.” Editor, Kenya Airlines inflight magazine

“I was very excited to read your story yesterday. Your writing is so beautiful and evocative and I also liked the nuggets of history that you weaved into the report.” – Editor, Philippine Airlines inflight magazine

“A great read! Full of insight and colour.” – Editor, BBC Wildlife Magazine.

“Really you are so amazing how you can write and photograph with equal panache.” Editor, Etihad inflight magazine

“Love it. Storytelling as it should be. You've managed to deliver a really riveting read here. There are several brilliant lines, and your use of the first-person narrative is, well, first-class.” – Editor, Kenya Airways inflight magazine

“I've come to consider you as a soldier of fortune or Legionnaire of the travel writing/photography business (please take it as a compliment!)” – Editor, Korean Airlines inflight magazine

I just have read your article and I want to thank you for all the good work! You have written a both entertaining and informative travel piece and I am sure this will inspire our readers. It was a pleasure working with you again! – Editor, KLM inflight magazine

“This feature is usually done using stock photography, but your photos are always pretty superb…so if you could send pics across when you get a chance.” – Editor, Wanderlust

“It has been such a pleasure working with you Mark. Your stories are the best.” – Editor, Ng’aali (Uganda Airlines inflight magazine)

“Mark’s a good writer, who closely follows his brief and delivers on time. He has often been in places with patchy or non-existent internet, but has always found ways to remain in touch and keep us informed on progress. I have no reservations about recommending him.” – Sheena Harvey (editor of BBC Wildlife and Wild Travel Magazine)

‘A borderline insane modern-day explorer’ – Maxim magazine.

The Telegraph
Food, wine and natural wonders on South Africa's greatest road trip

In addition to its world-class wines, this fabled region in South Africa offers a true taste of the country at roadside stalls along the way he farmlands of the Karoo begin about an hour after Table Mountain has dropped out of my rear-view mirror, the green corduroy of the Cape Winelands bleached to dust-coloured scrub.

The Guardian
Bali's wild west coast: unspoilt and uncrowded

Adeng adeng is a traditional Balinese mantra meaning "slowly, slowly". It's a phrase you don't often hear these days among the traffic jams and sunbed logjams of Bali's booming tourism centres. People say that Bali is spoiled and for years the search has been on for a "new Bali".

BBC Travel
A town where most speak sign language

Kata Kolok, literally meaning ‘deaf talk’ in Indonesian, is a unique sign language that’s the primary means of communication for just 44 people on the entire planet.

Conde Nast Traveller
The Moveable Feast

A feature on Bangkok streetfood - both high-profile and extremely local

Holland Herald (KLM inflight)
Wildlife Show

On the trail of the great migration

Luxury Escapes
The Forgotten Island

The Indonesian island of Sumba and the world-famous eco-resort of Nihi (often called 'the best hotel in the world')

Conde Nast Traveller
Till Kingdom Come

Exploring Spain's Kingdom of Navarra

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