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As a Content Creator, Marisol guides the strategy for your content creation and develops engaging narratives that lead to audience growth. With more than twelve years of experience as a writer and producer, Marisol has created award-winning content for e-zines, magazines, videos and podcasts. As a former news reporter, she’s skilled in using storytelling to engage audiences.

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Shaping Your Story in the Age of Converging Aural Media

Podcasting has changed the way we consume information. But there's a phenomenon-in-the-making worth tuning into for its capacity to shape the way business and personal narratives will be told. Whether you are a content creator, a business owner, or a marketing executive trying to make sense of the latest multi-media explosion, the convergence of radio, audiobooks and podcasts is a trend you can't afford to ignore.

Business & Technology

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CES 2020: Plug In and Get Real

What stole our attention and stole the show at CES 2020 were not sneak peeks of product prototypes that you won't be able to use any time soon. This year's big reveal at the world's largest consumer product show turned out to be music to our ears.

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How to Start a Business Podcast: 9 Steps for Success

A business podcast is a different proposition than a hobbyist podcast. Besides mastering the technical aspects of creating and producing any type of podcast, a business podcast must also be aligned with the company's vision, narrative, and communications initiatives.


A Stunning, European-Inspired Home

Photography by Jorge Gera A well-traveled Denver couple enlisted celebrated Chicago designer Tom Stringer to focus new light on a lifetime of collected pieces. The pair, with a passion for antiques, asked Stringer to re-imagine their 5,900-square-foot Cherry Creek residence, so that Asian art and European furnishings would look at home in an urban setting.

The Grande Dame of Gorgeous

Photography courtesy of Sybille de Margerie There are a multitude of designers for whom it is de rigueur to have a signature style, a recognizable streak that sets them apart from the rest. This isn't the case with Sybille de Margerie .

Paradise Found

Photography by James Florio There is a bewitching enclave where stars appear to shine brighter and leaves shimmer golden among sky-scraping summits. Starwood, 10 minutes outside of Aspen, basks in the eloquence of nature. It's easy to be captivated. There are a couple of ways to arrive there.


Bounty Hunters

Photography by Jennifer Olson A classic find with miles of history: Janus, the Roman God of change and passages, pictured here in terra cotta from Black Tulip Antiques in Denver. "I knew I wanted to be in antiques since I was in high school," says Eron Johnson, casually draped on a 19th-century Chinese Qing Elmwood Oxbow armchair.

The Importance of Being Still

Adolescent Fiddlehead Sprouts A bundle of twigs, rocks and loose leaves rests on the kitchen table in the morning light. This is Mary Jo Hoffman's bounty from her daily scavenger hunt around her home in Shoreview, Minnesota. Between errands and soccer runs, the former aerospace engineer will pick something from the bundle to style and photograph for her blog, STILL .

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