Mario Abad

Freelance Fashion Writer

United States

I'm a freelance fashion writer with experience in runway coverage, lookbook reviews and editorial analysis. I'm interested in writing about the business side of fashion and retail, new product launches and collaborations, in-depth fashion features and interviews/profiles of executives, designers and other notable fashion industry experts.

Contact: [email protected]

Men's Health
Meet the Guys Paying More Than $4000 for Pec and Butt Implants

When he was 27, Al* had surgery to get an 8-pack. A former health care professional with a master's in health science and research, Al took his fitness seriously, and spent hours working out in the gym. But he wasn't achieving his desired results. "Abs developed in the gym disappear very quickly.

Men's Health
This Luxury Watch Line Is Super High-Tech

How much value are you actually getting out of your watch? Investing in the right luxury timepiece requires a fair amount of research. If you're going to spend that much money, you want everything to be right. That ardent research includes looking into things like magnetic fields, power reserves, and accuracy, all of which set the best models apart.

Men's Health
The 14 Best Hair Products to Buy Now

Looking for the best hair products for men? Here's how to style your hair, including the best shampoos, conditioners, and pomades for guys.

NYU Pub Posts
Glamour's New Editor Samantha Barry: Heart in Journalism, Head in Business

"If this was even six years ago, I would not have been considered at all to do this job," remarked Samantha Barry, Glamour's newly minted Editor-in-Chief about her current role, which she says has evolved considerably throughout the years. As the first keynote speaker for NYU's 2018 Summer Publishing Institute, Barry reflected on her professional...

Why The RealReal And Stella McCartney Are Calling For Luxury Brands To Embrace Reselling

The past few weeks have been a particularly solemn reminder of the problems the fashion industry continues to face regarding its impact on the environment. Between the news of H&M sitting on $4.3 billion in unsold clothes and the five-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory disaster, demand for sustainable apparel continues to grow exponentially.

How Diane Dietz Turned Rodan & Fields Into The No. 1 Skincare Brand In North America

When Diane Dietz, an accomplished executive who spent 25 years managing global businesses like Procter & Gamble and Safeway, was first approached about a new job opportunity with a skincare company she never heard of, she decided it wouldn't hurt to meet with them, despite having been looking for roles at much larger public companies at the time.

How Are Brands' In-House Teams Managing Transition Seasons Without Creative Directors?

When Vogue Runway's Luke Leitch visited Bally's showroom in February to review the brand's Fall 2018 collection, he was met by someone whom he calls a "super-charming" member of the company's "creative collective" - a hierarchy comprised of three separate design heads for different product categories - who was "not authorized to speak on the record."

Digital-Only Magazine Covers Are Bringing Media Brands Into the Digital Age

As magazine publishers continue to evolve its business models beyond the core print medium, one media strategy in particular stands out: the digital-only magazine cover. So much of today's industry talk revolves around synergies across social platforms, or pivots-to-video, or mobile optimization - but producing a full-on digital cover is notable in that it looks to capture the print magazine's tangible essence.