Marilyn Dees

Writer and Social Media Manager

Location icon United States

Hello! My name is Marilyn, and I'm an academic writer/social media networker whose artistic and management backgrounds would be an asset to your company. I have an accurate typing speed of 80 WPM and working knowledge of all Microsoft programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. I am a team-oriented, self-directed learner with an eye for detail, and I possess excellent leadership and writing skills. I also have an outstanding knowledge of grammar, spelling, and composition. I've gained years of administrative experience managing and representing online communities through editing and graphics creation. I am eager for the chance to demonstrate my competence in a field that is pertinent to my line of study, and work very hard to excel in all areas of my professional pursuits!

Guiry's Watercolor Brush-Lettering Tutorial at Guiry's Blog/Video Editing

The latest Pinterest trend has calligraphy and watercolor fans scrambling for their brushes! Whether your handwriting is clean or irregular, thick or thin, watercolor brush-lettering is a great way to stylize and showcase the individualities of your penmanship. Spice up your greeting cards, gift tags, posters, invitations, or bullet journals with fun and organic script!

Guiry's Stippling Tutorial at Guiry's Blog/Image Creation

What is stippling? Stippling is the creation of an image using small dots. Contrary to popular belief, it differs from pointillism and divisionism in that it is done in a single color and with uniform shapes, relying on the density of the dots to convey darkness and light.

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