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Addiction in the suburbs

Daily Herald
Opioid death toll rises in suburbs, but nonprofit warns 'urgency has died'

Opioid overdose deaths reached record highs last year in DuPage, Lake and Will counties, sparking new calls for action by advocates working to combat the epidemic. DuPage and Will each tallied nearly 100 deaths from heroin, fentanyl and other opioids -- both prescribed and illicit -- with DuPage totaling 98 and Will counting 94.

Daily Herald
'Right to a safe place': Program targets gap between hospital, addiction help for opioid patients

Updated 1/25/2019 10:41 AM Editor's note: This article has been updated to correct the title of Adriane Price, clinical supervisor of the Gateway Warm Hand Off program Roughly 155 suburban residents treated for opioid overdoses and then released from four area hospitals last year were immediately given the option to obtain additional long-term treatment thanks to a first-of-its-kind program based in Lake County and Chicago.

Daily Herald
Lombard couple make sober living real for heroin-free roommates

Two Lombard residents have turned their home into a sober house, hosting 24 roommates in four years as they've journeyed toward sobriety from heroin. "We know scores of men and women who are peaceful and at ease," said home owner Jessica Alvarez. "There is hope that people do recover."

Daily Herald
DuPage drug cops 'making a difference' in heroin fight

DuPage Metropolitan Enforcement Group agents are "the middle guys" in the fight against heroin, seeking to arrest the dealers who sell the drug in the suburbs. Part 4 of a 14-part series "Heroin in the Suburbs: Through their Eyes."

Daily Herald
Schaumburg heroin addict's daughters hold out hope for mom

When Kent and Patty Perry of Schaumburg's daughter first got hooked on heroin in her late 20s, the lives of the Perrys, their daughter and their three granddaughters changed forever. The Perrys now care for their granddaughters, who see two potential futures for their mother.

Mental health

Daily Herald
'Sad commentary' on mental health help: Money matters in treatment access

Among all the sad realities about mental health care, here's one that's hard to shake: Money matters. Even comfortably middle-class suburban residents find it challenging to pay for mental health care, so the cost of treatment can be discouraging for many who need help, experts say.

Daily Herald
How families can join study probing genetics of autism

Courtney McClear has autism and, for the first time, her relatives believe they can do something to find out why. The McClears plan to sign up Saturday for a nationwide study of the genetics of autism, a program called SPARK, that aims to collect DNA from 50,000 people with the condition and their relatives to give researchers an influx of new data.

Daily Herald
New mental health approach for police: Offering solutions

Crisis Intervention Team training for police officers is in high demand in the suburbs, where cops are beginning to approach mental health calls with an eye toward offering solutions. First in a two-part series.

Life in the suburbs

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