Marie Tornquist

Writer, Translator, Global Citizen

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I am a creative, collaborative, inclusive, marketing and communications professional.

I am originally from the US although I have lived abroad for over five years throughout Latin America and China. I have always loved connecting with people of different backgrounds ever since I was young and my family hosted exchange students from all over the world.

I accidentally fell into the tech world after landing a job as a translator in the IT department of Asia’s largest eCommerce company. I have since worked at several startups and love the energy and innovation that happens within startup communities. My professional strengths are in content writing, translation, cross-cultural marketing/communication, and international business development.

Simply CSOFT
Will AI Replace Translators?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used to make major breakthroughs over the past few years in industries such as health care, cyber security, and logistics. It has improved our daily lives with new automated technologies like when we search for a destination on Google Maps or choose a movie recommendation on Netflix.

Simply CSOFT
How to Translate Metaphors and Idioms

Translators deal with a lot of challenges. Apart from making sure that text is grammatically correct and uses appropriate tone, they must also decide when and how to translate certain cultural aspects and linguistic nuances. This includes translating metaphors and idioms.

Simply CSOFT
The Difference between Translation and Localization

Any company that is looking to reach international markets knows the first step is to translate content into the language of the target audience. But is that enough to impress your new potential customers? The answer is most likely "no".

Rotary Voices
Rotary Youth Exchange: key to global citizenship

By Marie Tornquist, former Rotary Youth Exchange student from Minnesota, USA, to Brazil On the first day of my Rotary Youth Exchange orientation in a Minneapolis suburb, I remember being confused about the nationality of my country officer. She kept referring to herself as Brazilian, saying things like, "In Brazil we eat a lot of...

Vozes do Rotary
Uma viagem ao Brasil para renovar minha alma

Por Marie Tornquist, ex-participante do Intercâmbio de Jovens Traduzido por Ana Boekhorst, estudante de intercâmbio do Brasil aos EUA 2014-2015 Recentemente, fui presenteada com a oportunidade de viajar. Meu ânimo estava baixo depois de ser despedida do trabalho e eu estava me sentindo frustrada e desanimada pelo clima político em meu país.

Networking for Introverts

Published on Recent articles I've read advising introverts on how to network have disappointed by dwelling on the obvious: "Have a good elevator pitch!" "Don't forget to follow up after an interview!" Well, duhhh. We're introverts, not idiots. We know the game.

Escuelas Libres de Chile - Reevo, la Red de Educación Alternativa

Marie visitó una de las Escuelas Libres de Chile durante su breve paso por Santiago. En el día 7 de septiembre, 2013, tuve la oportunidad de visitar la Escuela Libre "Futuro En Camino" en Santiago de Chile. Entré en contacto con la gente de la escuela por su página de Facebook.

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