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Marie has spent the last decade writing content for a diverse group of clients ranging from blog articles about financial planning and Social Media conversion to short biographies, media kits, press releases, mission statements and web page content. She was a contributing ad copywriter for Sweet, has ghostwritten articles for Simply Jane and a variety of guest blogs on luxury web magazines, and created press releases for Toys for Tots. For three years Marie was a Content Manager for a Scottsdale web agency. Currently, she working on developing her blogs The Traveling Coffee Cup and Being Artemis.

Marie has an obvious love for coffee and has a goal to live in Oregon. Her hobbies include cooking, knitting, video games, reading, playing guitar, and enjoying the antics of her cats.

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Many little girls dream of growing up to win a beauty pageant. This dream was no different for Amanda Grad. Today, she reigns as Ms US Globe. While Amanda is physically beautiful, her warmth, friendliness and positive, supportive personality make it clear why she was chosen as 2011's Ms US Globe for the WIN Foundation.

SmartFem Magazine
May 2012 SmartFem Woman of the Month is proud to present the very first recipient of our Woman of the Month Award: Pam Gaber, CEO of Gabriel's Angels We all have a mission in life. Some find it by self discovery; others find it when they least expect it. Pam Gaber found her mission when she was 42 years old.


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