Marie Louise Cookson

Scriptwriter and Comedy Writer

United Kingdom

I've written several scripts for animation, including children's entertainment series and elearning courses. I've also created director’s notes and designed storyline interaction for each elearning video script, plus extra content such as infographics, quizzes and additional learning tasks.

Most of my work incorporates humour and I also write comedy and satire for online platforms.

Below are samples of my elearning and humour projects.




Little Old Lady Comedy
15 Dorothy Parker Quotes Decoded By My Cat, Algonquin

Photo by Snapwire on 1."Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone." You actually want me to sleep in a bed that resembles a hot dog bun?! Despite its profound lack of aesthetic pleasure, you must know that I'll be napping in the ergonomically sound and simplistically gorgeous packaging box.

List: Pantone Color Shades or 52 Ways to Describe My Heat Intolerance?

Atomic Tangerine Basket Case Burgundy Big Dip O'Ruby Blast-Off Bronze Boiling Point Berry Brink Pink Burnt Umber Coral Fever Defective Fuchsia English Red English Vermillion English Violet English Wreck Hot Magenta Inflamed Ochre Lava Livid Madder Lake Malfunctioning Claret Maximum Purple Maximum Red Maximum Red Purple Maximum Soggy Red Purple