Maria Milone Whitmore

Freelance journalist

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I have been a journalist and editor in the the private and not-for-profit sectors for the past 12 years. My background is in science and community development and my areas of interest include personal and public health, science, ageing and society.

Australian Ageing Agenda
A community-wide approach to vaccinations

While the governenment insistes all staff, residents and volunteers recieve the flu vaccination, a Tasmanian provider has a much more ambitious target.

Australian Ageing Agenda
Developing a wellbeing strategy

There's much to be done to ensure the mental health of aged care staff who face unique stresses.

The Age
Wellbeing: secrets to happiness from a peasant lifestyle

Last year, I watched in horror as my elderly father crawled crab-like along the edge of the roof to secure bird netting over the vigorous grapevine he planted more than 50 years ago. He's since delegated this particular responsibility to his children, but only after a spirited, drawn-out struggle.

Australian Ageing Agenda
Step by Step

Support is available to aged care facilities to implement the palliative approach framework.

Starts at 60
Can we drink too much? | Starts at 60

So you've been led to believe that a water bottle as a permanent fixture at the end or your arm is a good thing? And that drinking at least two litres a day will improve your complexion? Maybe even help you lose weight? Well, think again.

Toilet tactics for school children

Shortly thousands of apron strings will be reluctantly severed by nervous parents as their five-year-olds heave their oversized backpacks onto their tiny bodies and trot off to school for the first time.

Starts at 60
Are you exercising right? | Starts at 60

Exercise is a vital part of healthy living; however, one size doesn't fit all when it comes to exercise. If someone has, or is at risk of pelvic floor problems, it is important they take care to protect their pelvic floor while exercising to avoid risking further damage and incontinence.

Pregnancy Babies & Children's Expo
Keeping fit during pregnancy

Exercising and maintaining your fitness during pregnancy is vital, not only for helping your body handle the extraordinary stresses and demands of pregnancy and childbirth, but to help your physical (and mental) recovery afterwards. This article offers an overview of how to exercise safely during pregnancy, and where to go for further information and/or help.

Australian Ageing Agenda
Smart rostering

Designed to solve an expensive and nagging problem, a purpose-built app is helping aged care managers and staff better fill rosters, writes MARIA WHITMORE.

Australian Ageing Agenda
Valuing their dignity

A new approach to continence care focusing on the right of choice and autonomy challenges existing values and beliefs, writes MARIA WHITMORE.

To hold or not to hold

The best time to get into good bladder and bowel habits is at toilet training stage, when children naturally mimic their parents and siblings. MARIA WHITMORE reports.

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