Maria Calidonna

Writer, Editor

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Soft Skills: Articulation the Ultimate Win

The greatest technologist can fail to win a role if he or she does not have strong communication and interpersonal skills. Time and time again I have witnessed highly qualified IT resources not get the job because they couldn't adequately communicate what their past projects entailed.

New Ruling Impacting OPT-EAD Candidates

Last week we received some disheartening news: our IT staffing company can no longer hire or subcontract out OPT-EAD candidates. Since technology companies are often in short supply of native-based IT professionals with specific technical skill sets, many of our clients have historically utilized th

SOAPBOX; Toward a Simpler, Less Anxious Life

We explored unfamiliar woods, and swam in hidden lakes that were home to fish, snakes and snapping turtles. One of our favorite places to go was Falcon Rock, an old burnt down hotel that sat atop the highest hill in Goldens Bridge.