Margot Bertelsmann

Writer, proofreader, editor

Location icon South Africa

I specialise in health and parenting journalism for magazine features. Major clients include Your Baby and Your Pregnancy Magazines (Media24).
I proofread book drafts and magazine issues, often at True Love and Grazia (Media24)
I have InDesign and InCopy skills and have newspaper and magazine subbing experience

Your Baby
I'm not a boy!

Gender identity is being understood anew as science teaches us to collapse the old binary of male/female

Grazia issue 229
The Empress' new clothes

A French immigrant designer who dressed Michelle Obama refuses to dress Melania Trump. This is a discussion of that decision

Your Baby
Raising better men

Single mothers are the norm in South Africa, not the exception. This article iis a guide for women to raise boys who will become advocates of gender equality

Grazia issue 215
Free speech or hate speech

A Canadian comic was fined for making fun of a disabled minor. We investigate the limits of free speech

Your Baby
Fostering independence

An article on giving children the tools for becoming happily independent

Your Baby
Transport solutions for children

An article on the choices parents face when it comes to getting the kids home from school in South Africa