Margaret Foley

Strategist, Storyteller, Organizer, Advocate

United States


Samples: Recent Campaign and Advocacy Materials

Op-eds in various newspapers

Examples of op-eds I drafted and edited for school board candidates and for a multi-author editorial.

Campaign statements

Examples of statements on a range of topics -- shootings, abortion rights, January 6 Insurrection, seeking office -- that I drafted, edited, and sent out/posted

Jamie McLeod-Skinner 2022 campaign
Campaign social media tiles

A variety of social media tiles from the 2022 Jamie McLeod-Skinner OR-5 Congressional campaign

Wrote all website content for Rep. Kim's successful 2022 reelection campaign
Andy Kim for Congress

Jersey is my home, and now I'm raising my two troublemaking little boys just a few miles from where I grew up. I know our community, our small businesses, our families are fighting hard to get back on their feet.


Cargo Literary Magazine
The Fowl Executioner - Cargo Literary Magazine

We convince our mother that we can walk to a store on our own and find something for dinner. The chicken needs to be decapitated. There is no other way out of this situation.

The Oregonian
Remembering my grandfather on Veteran's Day: Guest opinion

Kiss. Buzz. Laugh. Kiss. Buzz. Laugh. At 5 years old, I sat on my grandfather's lap in his black leather easy chair. Whenever I kissed his cheek, his hearing aids buzzed. This was funny to me, and my grandfather and I made it a game.

Oregon Home Magazine
Portlandia Bungalow: that's my house

Their usually quiet Northeast Portland street is busy. Signs restrict parking, and several trucks are pulling up to the house. Ben Lipsey, the location scout for Portlandia, the Independent Film Channel comedy series starring Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen, greets people as they report for work.

The Literary Bohemian
Getting Away With It

I leapt onto the back of the tram as it left Plac Bankowy, my coat almost catching in the closing doors. I fished in my pocket for a ticket. Not finding one, I attempted to buy a ticket from the woman standing next to me. Czy ma pani bilet?

The Christian Science Monitor
These cookies are official

Almost every state has an official bird, flag, flower, and motto. But not every state has an official cookie. Only New Mexico and Massachusetts do. New Mexico has bizcochito (pronounced bis-co-CHEE-toe). It's a shortbread cookie flavored with a spice called anise and topped with cinnamon sugar.

High Country News
A real rain is what happens in New Mexico

It is a short flight from one extreme to another. My plane takes off in lush, green Portland, Ore., and lands two hours later in Albuquerque,N.M. As the plane comes over the Sandia mountains, another passenger, making a first trip to New Mexico, is startled to see a panorama of browns shining in the sunlight, broken only by very occasional splotches of color.