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When I published my first story as an 11-year-old in Sydney, Australia, I assumed that's where I'd live and work forever. Fast forward a few years and thousands of miles, I'm now in Boston, MA. I've also broadened my storytelling landscape to radio, podcasts, TV, print, digital and social media, custom content, and marketing. Here's where my career path has taken me so far:

| Dana-Farber Cancer Institute | WGBH | MIT Media Lab | MIT Technology Review | WBUR | Boston Globe | Christian Science Monitor | 60 Minutes | ABC Radio | Sydney Olympics | Special Olympics | Boston University | Boston College

I just love a good story. If you'd like me to collaborate on telling yours, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

MIT News
Media Lab sets sights on space

Amid a recent resurgence of interest and investment in space, the MIT Media Lab launches a new initiative to explore the final frontier.

MIT Technology Review
Heads Up

A new wearable device protects soldiers by detecting exposure to potentially harmful blast shockwaves.

MIT Media Lab
Meet the Labbers

This audio series profiles people inside the place 60 Minutes calls the "Future Factory." Hear them explain the work they do and what motivates their research.

MIT News
Music of the (data) spheres

A new MIT project taps into particle collisions to generate music and forge harmony between science and art.

'Smart Glass' for autistic children

The new Brain Power device and system gives children with autism experiences they love while enabling them to teach themselves core life skills.

Tapping into soap to tackle malaria

Moctar Dembélé and Gérard Niyondiko know too well the threat of malaria. Now the scientists from sub-Saharan Africa are working on a seemingly-simple, low-cost way to eradicate it.

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