Marcy Fletchall

Creative Content Writer

United States

Listen and understand your needs and expectations. Clarify, agree, and work collaboratively with you on tone and brand to meet those expectations. Motivated professional performing on time and within budget. Project attention and quality are given for which you are paying. Business blogger for large and small businesses with the ability to write a variety of topics in short and long forms. MBA, SEO certified business and document savvy, and able to assist with ROI conversion.

• Professional business management consultant and active small business blogger
• Deep knowledge and understanding of business topics with the ability to write fluid content
• Experience in creating engaging, customer-focused documentation and providing trending and authentic content
• Comfortable writing articles or how-to blogs, manuals/guides, and other detailed products
• Superb written English language skills
• Able to make concepts and procedures understandable to customers
• Thorough investigation, research, and curation
• Detail-oriented and meticulous fact-checker; plagiarism free
• Superior proofreading, grammar, and editing ability
• Excellent critical, analytical, and strategic skills
• Strong time management and prioritization
• Experience with Microsoft Word, Grammarly Pro, Canva, SEO certified
• International Association of Writers and Editors recommendation


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‍Hey there, copywriters, marketing agents, marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, event planners, and bloggers! You're probably here because you've just hosted an event, and now you want to write a blog post about it. You may think this will be a tedious, time-consuming task, or maybe you feel like you don't know where to start!
How Gave Me The Greatest Gift: Time

‍ The world seemed rosy in January of 2020. Small business clients were flourishing, and all was right with the world. ‍ Then things changed. ‍ The pandemic sent us into full lockdown. Business owners were closing shops, sending people home, and laying people off. So we began to hunker down.

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Private Client
Mother's Day Flyer

Sample direct customer marketing project for client.

Private Client
Bride Special

Sample direct mail marketing project for client.

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