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You know the tired old cliché- that to be happy you should try and do what you love for a living?

This is me, one eye cynically open to the very real possibility of it being all nonsense, trying to do just that.

For the last twenty years, writing has been my passion and my sanity. It has been the way I relieve stress, it has been the way I have passed the time. I do not get bored, never find myself with nothing to do. I just write. For hours.

All of this leads to one inevitable conclusion: Maybe I should try and do this for a living?


Website for a small regional dance academy. Recently been given content control.

Archers agricultural editor pretty much superfluous these days

The agricultural expert employed to ensure The Archers is an accurate depiction of rural life spends his days playing minesweeper, we can confirm. The Archers, which is an everyday tale of country folk, has a body count slightly higher than the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones leading some to question the necessity of employing someone who understands crop rotation and the difficulties of winter wheat.

You should think for yourself and agree with me, insists conspiracy theorist without slightest...

An Internet conspiracy theorist has insisted people should think for themselves and agree with him without the slightest trace of irony this morning. Angry commenter Simon Williams, who is convinced the government is drugging people through aircraft exhausts, told the comments thread they shouldn't believe reports in the media, but instead the action of an intelligent person is to adopt a belief system based on amateurish and unattributed videos on YouTube.