Manuela Nogueira

Global Knowledge Manager, Edelman Digital

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Knowledge Manager and Journalist with solid expertise in creating and managing content for digital media.

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2018 Trends Report - Separating Hype from Reality | Edelman Digital

Every year, digital agencies publish their annual trends predictions, complete with wide-reaching philosophical banter and ethereal references to unattainable technologies. We also love to look ahead, preparing both our teams and our clients for what the coming year has in store. But at Edelman Digital, we think about trends a bit differently.

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Edelman Digital
5 Ways the Rio 2016 Olympics Will Shake Up the Internet - Edelman

When the Opening Ceremony officially kicks off the 2016 Summer Olympics today, the world will turn its eyes to Rio de Janeiro. And, to further engage with the event, it is estimated that three billion fans will also turn their eyes to the Internet.

From Dubai to New York: Inspiration Talk with Reham Ibrahim

Reham Ibrahim is a senior designer at Edelman Digital New York. Originally from Egypt, she came to the U.S. from Dubai and has experience in freelance, agency and in-house positions. Reham dances while she works, and the other way around. We talked to her about where she draws design inspiration and her priorities.

The Voice of Edelman New York's Matt Cannington

Matt Cannington is a vice president who works as a digital planner in our New York office. He is a fan of Harry Potter, talks to his computer and considers himself a retired performing artist. Matt also knows a lot about accents and sociolinguistics - that's why he creates brand voices for many of our clients.

A Personal Q&A with Edelman Significa's Paula Nadal

Paula Nadal is an account manager at Edelman Digital São Paulo. She worked as a journalist for many years and is now a digital content expert. Paula speaks five languages, plays the violin and has a fashionable collection of eyeglasses. She also has a unique personality, so we asked her some pretty straight-up questions.

Consulate General of Brazil in New York

Editor & International Correspondent

Editora Alpendre

Wrote and published this digital travel guide in Portuguese about the best locations in Brooklyn, NY.


Jamie Oliver autor de best sellers de gastronomia, astro de TV, cozinheiro de mão cheia, pai coruja de quatro filhos, globetrotter e ainda arranja tempo para engajar-se em programas sociais - e responder uma entrevista exclusiva para a n.magazine Por Manuela Nogueira Fotografias David Loftus Ele é o pai das meninas Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo [...]

Banho de Loja

Cover article for Brazil biggest travel magazine about shopping in Miami and Orlando.

N Magazine
Inocência Extrema

Report on the lives of children who live in the biggest Amish community in the US

The best of Playtime NY! - n.magazine

Depois de várias descobertas incríveis na feira Playtime Paris (a super cobertura completa você confere clicando AQUI), a n.magazine cruzou novamente o Atlântico e chegou a New York! Na versão americana desta que é um dos eventos mais importantes do setor no mundo, também focamos nas tendências e novidades em artigos infantis e nas marcas bacanas que encontramos entre as dezenas de expositores!

Veja São Paulo Magazine