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Strategic Communications Professional

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Polished and self-driven strategic communications professional with wide-ranging experience in creatively sharing messages that matter. Eager to leverage two decades of communications experience and strong collaborative instincts to help a mission-driven organization thrive.

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Ulcerative colitis sufferers find UC quite disruptive to many aspects of daily life

Nearly three out of four ulcerative colitis sufferers (73 percent) responding to a new nationwide survey say not feeling well has become a normal part of life. Furthermore, they describe UC as disruptive when it comes to their relationship with a spouse (64 percent), their sexual relations (75 percent) and their emotional state (82 percent).

5 Simple Swaps I Made When I Cleaned Up My Family's Diet | befreebymandy

Moms want to do the best they can when it comes to their family and nutrition. But with our busy lives and as complicated it can be to sort out the good from the bad, it's challenging. My family does not eat perfectly, but we've made some simple changes to improve healthy eating habits over the past several years.

Oak Brook, IL Patch
LCFS Honors Birth Mothers' Selfless Decisions

November is Adoption Awareness Month, and Laurie Lawton, Director of Adoptions for Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois (LCFS), says she'd like to mark the month by giving recognition to a piece of the adoption story that's often lost - recognizing the courageous and complicated parenting decisions made by birth parents.