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I am Mallory Haynes, a 22-year-old with a passion for writing. Music, food, health and travel are four of my favorite topics to write about. The idea of introducing new and exciting opportunities to the world around me excites me.

'Pop 2' Charli XCX Album Review

By Mallory Haynes You may not be aware, but Charli XCX is one of the most hardworking women in the pop music. In 2017 alone, she released two mixtapes while also dropping a single, "Boys," and featuring on multiple songs throughout the year.

The Sandwiches of West Hancock Street

Everyone loves a good sandwich. Whether it's a gourmet panini or just a plain turkey, Downtown Milledgeville has a tasty option for everyone! Just take a walk down the West Hancock Street and you'll find a superb sandwich at every stop. Let's skip Jimmy John's - we have all been there, done that.

Milledgeville: Then and Now PART 3

From 1804 to 1868, the historic town of Milledgeville served as Georgia's State Capitol. Modeled after Savannah and Washington D.C., the city has endured a number of changes ranging from Sherman's March to the Sea to the establishment of Central State Hospital.

Why Milledgeville Should Be Your Next "Health Travel" Destination

A new traveling trend revolving around health and wellness has begun to emerge in recent years. People are visiting new destinations not only to relax and sightsee, but to prolong their lifestyles. Cities all over the world - Milledgeville included - have introduced healthy alternatives and programs into their communities, allowing for Health and Wellness Travel to flourish.