Malika Bourboun

Blogger and Freelance Writer

Location icon Canada

For the past eight years I have worked for the Canadian Public Service, but my passion is words, especially those that elevate the mind and lend weight to the great issues of the day. Though I am not what you would call a 'seasoned writer', I am committed to developing my craft and gaining more experience. To date, I've done feature writing, narrative essays and legal blogs. In the past few months, the bulk of my time has been spent on bilingual government communications surrounding corporate initiatives and events, as well as in-house publications like monthly newsletters etc. I'm currently focused on expanding my writing repertoire and skill set. Since French is my first language, I eventually aim to publish my work in French, as well as English. Please feel free to check out my work.



"Dear 15-year-old Me. It Will Be Worth It", published by Modern Equality; voices dedicated to gender equality for all genders in all cultures. They publish articles, photos, videos, & art derived from a passion to achieve social change.
“Dear 15-year-old Me. It Will Be Worth It"

This was a narrative essay; a coming of age story about my own personal experience with issues of gender and social justice following a visit to my family in Algeria in the summer of 1989. It's written from the perspective of a young teenage girl coming into her own as a 2nd generation Canadian Muslim and product of a mixed marriage. It describes the culture shock I had when I realized the freedom I have in Canada is far from what's allotted to me in Algeria and how my exposure to...

Acrostic Story Contest Submission - January 31, 2011
"Applying Grandma's Advice"

" Submission Entry for the The Brucedale Press's 12th Annual Acrostic Story Contest - 2011"