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UH and UTMB join forces for study - The Daily Cougar

Scientists from a UH and University of Texas Medical Branch interdisciplinary research group have found a new way to impact the serotonin signaling system that could lead to more effective medications with fewer side effects. "We do a significant amount of work in collaboration with biomedical researchers in the Houston/Galveston area," said UH chemistry professor ...

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UH professor's study blasts off to space - The Daily Cougar

A grant from NASA will take a UH engineering professor's research to orbit for study aboard the International Space Station. The grant, totaling slightly less than $100,000, was awarded to Professor Peter Vekilov and will allow his theories on how proteins in a liquid solution form crystals to be further explored in orbit 230 miles above the ...

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Students improve payroll process - The Daily Cougar

The Lean Six Sigma project team has been working on a process to reduce payroll-processing errors for the UH System payroll department. Team members, who are enrolled in the Quality Improvement in Project Management course, have ironed out the wrinkles for a smoother process and have helped prepare the UH Payroll Department for a rollout ...

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Chemist brings first-time award to UH - The Daily Cougar

For the first time, a UH faculty member received the Norman Hackerman Award in Chemical Research. At 11:30 a.m. Monday in the University Hilton, the Welch Foundation honored associate professor Olafs Daugulis for his work at UH. The annual award that recognizes leadership in research and teaching includes a $100,000 grant.

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Science fair churns out cash to students - The Daily Cougar

On Saturday, in correspondence with its push for an increased focus on science and technology, UH contributed to the annual Science Engineering Fair of Houston, an event that awards more than $60,000 in college scholarships to approximately 200 students from the greater Houston area.

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On your mark; get set; go - The Daily Cougar

The holidays are through and it's back to the trials and tribulations of everyday life. The new year is upon us and that means resolutions for a better lifestyle are just waiting to be pursued. With the health of the younger generation being such a prevalent concern these days the UH Charter School is determined to not ...

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Device efficiently detects spreading cancer - The Daily Cougar

A new medical device co-developed by a physicist at UH detects the spread of breast cancer and allows physicians to better prescribe a treatment plan, and it will be increasing its market influence, bringing it closer to clinical trials around the country. Audrius Brazdeikis, a research associate professor of physics in the College of Natural ...

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Charter school banks on innovation for students - The Daily Cougar

Sitting on the edge of the UH campus is a public charter school that admitted around 135 students from kindergarten to fifth grade. The UH Charter School, which has been a part of the University for 16 years, works to provide a well-rounded education to young students.

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The eyes have it - The Daily Cougar

The College of Optometry students eyed President and Chancellor Renu Khator on Tuesday as she unveiled the Health and Biomedical Sciences Building, which is vital in broadening Houston's impact in the growing health care field. The six-story science superstructure that encompasses 167,600 square feet is a first-class facility that will provide the University with educational ...