Makayla Hoppe

Journalism Major Pursuing a Career in Theatre

United States

Makayla is a journalism and theatre arts student at San Diego State University. She is the assistant editor for the San Diego Jewish Journal and previously served as editor-in-chief for Grossmont College’s newspaper, "The Summit."

San Diego Jewish Journal
A New Musical Born Amongst the Trees

An interview with Tina Landau, the writer and director of a new La Jolla Playhouse musical, "Redwood." The show stars Broadway veteran Idina Menzel.

San Diego Jewish Journal
Chef of the Fest

An interview with Sam the Cooking Guy on his winning dish at the San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival, as well as his belief that not keeping Kosher doesn’t make you any less Jewish.

San Diego Jewish Journal
Delicious Melodrama at The Old Globe

Interview with playwright Karen Zacarias and director Ruben Santiago-Hudson of "Destiny of Desire" at The Old Globe.

San Diego Jewish Journal
The 2023 WOW Festival Hits High Notes at the Rady Shell

Since 2013, La Jolla Playhouse has offered new and imaginative performances outside traditional theater thanks to their Without Walls Festival. For the 2023 WOW Festival, the Playhouse has joined forces with the San Diego Symphony to put on an event that highlights the best of what both organizations bring to San Diego.

The Summit
The Not-So-Subtle Side of Austen

Some say that drama is hard, but comedy is harder. It takes a very particular talent and skill to elicit laughter from an audience, and if done incorrectly, falls very flat. But Playwright Kate Hamill is able to take the more subtle and nuanced comedy from Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" and find the slapstick in it.

The Summit
"Pride and Prejudice" Review: Heightened Austin Antics

Jane Austen has transcended time and carried her Regency-era socialites into the Twenty-First Century. Her books have become required readings in high school, adapted for television and film, and performed live on stage. For Playwright Kate Hamill, she has taken the quippy and satirical situations of "Pride and Prejudice" and elaborated on the comedy of it all.

The Summit
"Uncharted" Review: Losing the Heart of What Makes Drake Great

Historically, video games have never made for very good feature films. From the "Mortal Kombat" movies to the different versions of "Tomb Raider", Hollywood has attempted time and time again to bring our favorite video game franchises to the big screen. Many important components seem to get lost in translation, and instead, receive convoluted storylines and confusing characters.

The Summit
"Into the Woods" Both Flies and Falls in the World of Fairy Tales

Classic fairy tales date back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. In the late 1980s, composer Stephen Sondheim brought them all together in the Tony Award-winning musical, "Into the Woods." Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Jack and the Beanstalk are all here. This play is the first production of the year for Grossmont College's Theatre Department.

The Summit
Bringing the Stage Back to Life

After a long hibernation, live theater seems to be returning to stages across the country. Along with movie theaters, baseball stadiums and concert venues, live theater and its audiences will have to adapt to this new, post-pandemic world. Where do they even begin? For Grossmont College, that means a production of Stephen Sondheim's musical "Into...