Makaela James

Student Journalist

Location icon United States of America

Fourth year Journalism student and music minor Makaela James left New York City to pursue her degree at Howard University. She dreams to take her passion for Public Relations and the arts to the music industry very soon.

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Campus Sexual Awareness Month

What started off as an open forum intended to bring together participants from three colleges, Howard University, American University, and George Washington University, to discuss and bring awareness to the sexual assault problems on college campuses, quickly spiraled into an emotional and passionate debate on Thursday, April 23 rd.

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The Howard Hustle

To say the cost of college is expensive would be an understatement. According to The College Board, "The average published tuition and fee price for in-state students enrolled full time at public four-year colleges and universities is $9,139 in 2014-15, $254 (2.9%) higher than in 2013-14."

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Marriage and Black Women

To a young lady thriving for the "American dream", an education followed by a successful career and a family with a white picket fence, was almost like a fairytale. However, as time passes, the younger generation of women-specifically of African American decent-seem to have a new outlook on this dream.

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The Deja Vu of the Black Panther Movement

Lindsey Bethel looked startled while standing in front of the busy Starbucks, as she didn't know who Makaela James was and why she walked up and began talking to her. As Bethel searched James's face for signs of recognition, her face changed from confusion to caution as James began asking her of her knowledge on the Black Panther Party.

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Taking the Throne

The legacy of Mr. and Miss Howard University is one that has exuded excellence and grace to the university for years. Now, our Mr. and Miss Howard University 2014-2015 Garrett Williams and Mariah Sankey, will continue this legacy and uphold the greatness that comes with the crown.

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Take Back The Night: Bringing Awareness and Action to Sexual Assault

Rikki Frohmader is a young and vibrant Howard University student. She excels in her work and speaks positivity into the lives of those around her. On the outside, it would seem she is the perfect person with everything in her life together, but behind her bright smile are painful memories and a story that, unfortunately, many can relate to.

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Meet the Howard University Greek Queens

Howard University prides itself on being represented by the best of the best by our royal court. However, Miss Howard University, and her royal court, have fellow sister queens who want to make a change as well.

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Heart Attack Warning Signs

After his "second close call with death", NNPA Columnist George Curry shares how it was possible to not know he was having a heart attack. Journalist Makaela James researches the causes and preventable steps of a major heart attack.

Students to school admin: Black history matters

Eighth-grader Anni Dennis was in the bathroom when her social studies teacher was removed from class last week. When she returned, a lot of kids were crying and crowding the doorways to shout good-byes to their teacher, who had no opportunity to give a formal good-bye.

#TIDALforALL? " 101

"The Tides They Are-A Changing." Have you seen similar hashtags and slogans all over social media this week? "The Tides They Are-A Changing" #TIDALforALL - Mr. Carter (@S_C_) March 30, 2015 The Instagram accounts of artists such as Beyonce, Rihanna and Madonna turned teal blue on Tuesday in support of an initiative to create history.